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Best of Bahrain to be launched in Dec

Manama, June 12, 2011

Bahrain's leading industries, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are being featured in a large-scale publication to further promote the country as a business hub.

The second volume of Best of Bahrain, which is being used as a primary branding tool for Bahrain, is due to be launched in December this year.

It is a showcase of organisations, on-going projects and success stories from diverse industries, according to project manager Rawia Beyhum.

The first volume was published in 2010 by Global Village Partnerships in conjunction with Middle East Media Marketing and will be produced this year with support from GPIC.

'The second volume will showcase the strongest industries, SMEs, developmental organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), non-profit organisations and female leaders in business,' said Beyhum.

It will be launched before the end of this year to provide a comprehensive look at positive success stories and to recognise the country's on-going social and economic achievements, she added.

Organisations and individuals are being invited to participate according to an internal benchmark, in order to ensure the quality of participants.

'Those chosen to participate include those in line with the government's Economic Vision 2030, SMEs which create the diversity of the economy and developmental organisations such as Tamkeen, Unido and InJAz that support the integration of the nation's human capital into the economy,' said Beyhum.

The Best of Bahrain is split into 10 chapters comprising 'hotels and hospitality', 'health, beauty and wellness', 'dining and entertainment', 'arts and culture', 'banking, investment and finance', 'real estate, construction and design', 'training, education and CSR', 'oil, gas and manufacturing', 'media, communications and technology' and 'travel, tourism and events'.

The publication is part of the 'Best Of' series that features more than 50 countries.

All participants globally come together on a Global Village business online network where electronic versions of the book can be viewed, sharing success stories from top companies, brands and entrepreneurs.

The online network effectively acts as a networking platform and a means of facilitating world trade.

There is a charge for those wishing to be showcased in the Best of Bahrain.

However, Best of Bahrain's policy is to establish partnerships with local organisations in order to build a home-grown publication.

'In view of the internal partnerships within Global Village Partnerships, fees are much more feasible, yet the high quality global standard of communication is still maintained,' said Ms Beyhum.

NGOs and non-profit organisations that are selected are usually included at a nominal charge.

The book can be viewed at www.gvpedia.com and each organisation featured has its own webpage.

Apart from its established international distribution network, the book will be distributed throughout key locations in Bahrain, such as hotel lobbies, Bahrain International Airport, and the Capital Club in the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

However, the main bulk of distribution lies with Best of Bahrain customers who purchase large numbers of books as a corporate gift item, which are then passed on to clients.

'Our aim is to connect the world's most interesting people and organisations, celebrating a nation's success, its city and its people through an elegant reproduction of the collective community initiative,' said Beyhum.

GPIC president Abdulrahman Jawahery puts the success stories of businesses in Bahrain at the highest value in the publication.

'It is with an exceptional collective effort from within the kingdom that Bahrain enjoys international recognition as a sound regional investment centre,' he said.

'At GPIC we do our utmost to remain dedicated to our safety, health and environmental principles that surpass international standards.

'With our values based on fostering team spirit and creativity, we value the positive success stories presented by Best of Bahrain showcased across various sectors of activity. 'The aim is to represent and exhibit the kingdom's highest achievements collectively.'-TradeArabia News Service

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