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New eco-friendly product 'eliminates bacteria'

Dubai, November 20, 2011

A wide-spectrum of bacteria, including MRSA, EHEC, Sars, fungi and viruses, can now be eliminated from hospitals, schools, offices, shops, restaurants and homes safely and easily, according to Swiss-based Sterilos Group. 

This is achieved in what is said to be a ground-breaking yet simple process that kills a whole host of bacteria without the application of harsh chemicals instead by using natural products, Bodo Schenk, Sterilos Group sales director, said. He also confirmed that the process is ‘eco-friendly’. 

“The new Mircosilver products can help make germ-free, safer communities as they are proven to be effective against previously multi-resistant germs and offer long-term anti-bacterial protection that is non-toxic and kind on the environment,” he said.  

Schenk explained that Microsilver is able to swiftly bind with many other frequently used building and building-care materials, such as paint and varnish, making it easy and convenient to apply. 

“The sanitisation is immediate, and what is also wonderful is that Microsilver can be applied at any stage, even after a building is finished or in operation by just painting it on,” he added. 

He confirmed that approved tests have found Microsilver to be effective in stamping out micro-organisms when applied to walls, drywalls, wood, metal and metal building components such as beams, pipes, trim, screws and even small items, such as nails.

Sterilos also recently launched a range of products to treat environments that are especially favoured by many harmful bacteria in water treatment areas including water storage areas and overhead water tanks. 

“Microsilver is a no-brainer product that must be included in all new and existing building specs and maintenance contracts across consumer, commercial and industry,” he stated.
The product will be showcased at the Big 5 International Building and Construction Show in Dubai to be held from November 21 (tomorrow) to 24.

“We are showcasing to the region at Big 5, and visitors, healthcare professionals, interiors designers and builders will be able to see for themselves the power of the innovative Microsilver product line.”

“We are also ready to give specific advice on how to they can all effectively protect themselves and their community environments from germs, bacteria, odours and moulds. These can all be a thing of the past,” he concluded.

Sterilos is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. – TradeArabia News Service

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