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Dulsco unveils eco-friendly waste disposal device

Abu Dhabi, January 15, 2012

Dulsco, a leader in waste management solutions, has unveiled a new environment-friendly technology that will help the hospitality industry dispose waste food and organic material in a safer and cost-effective manner.

Dulsco has successfully concluded trials on Converta, which turns organic waste into solid usable bio-compost in 48 to 72 hours, a statement said.

Combining modern engineering with bio-sciences, Converta contains two major chambers that treat organic waste systematically by adding natural plant extracts at regular intervals, using low amounts of electricity.

Using a fully automated dosing system, bio-stimulant is injected into the Converta chambers at various points. This combines with automated temperature, controlled movement and oxygenation stimulation to enable the rapid conversion of the waste. The microbiological process can be monitored to enable fine adjustment of the stimulant, in addition to achieving optimum efficiency within the digestion process.

The bio-compost material formed as a result is nutrient-rich and can be used as soil enhancers at farms, lawns and for agricultural purposes. Developed by the UK-based Converta Limited, Converta minimises human intervention in the waste treatment process and conforms to local regulations on proper organic waste management.

Prakash Parab, director of Dulsco Waste Management Services, said, “Typically, organic waste accounts for a major share of the material reaching landfills. Proper treatment and management of such waste is a challenge faced by all as untreated and unmanaged organic material creates odour, hygiene concerns and causes adverse environmental impacts.”

“In our constant endeavour to introduce innovative technologies and products in our portfolio of services, we found Converta to be an excellent alternative waste management solution. Using this technology, the hospitality industry can treat organic waste at the source itself, thus easing the pressure on the country’s landfills,” he added.

The introduction of Converta will immensely benefit the region’s hotels, restaurants, schools, in-flight caterers and canteens, which generate high volumes of organic waste every day, according to Parab.

The compact size and design of the equipment make it easy to install in any commercial kitchen or facility.

Converta has already attracted a high interest from the region’s hospitality sector, which is always exploring cheaper and environment-friendly methods for management of organic waste. By using the machine, these facilities can now reduce the organic waste that reaches the landfills while keeping operational costs to the minimum.

The revolutionary technology will be showcased at the upcoming World Future Energy Summit 2012, the world’s foremost annual meeting dedicated towards future energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies, taking place in Abu Dhabi from January 16 to 19. – TradeArabia News Service

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