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Dornbracht launches new concept kitchen gear

Dubai, January 17, 2012

Dornbracht, a manufacturer of high-quality fixtures and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, has launched a range of equipment designed for specific uses in the kitchen.

The German designer has introduced Water Zones to the Middle East, which divides the home kitchen into separate areas according to particular requirements.

According to an industry study by, when washing or rinsing fruits and vegetables, kitchen users prefer to use a flexible spray mixer with a control handle, similar to those found in a professional kitchen because of their ability to control and adjust the strength of the stream of water, depending on what they are rinsing.

For example, a stream that is always strong would damage lettuce, whereas a stream that is always gentle would not adequately clean potatoes.

Another important issue for cleaning, rinsing and preparing foods is the set-up of the sink unit. Two basins are ideal, with one of the basins being as flat as possible to serve as a drying and drainage area.

Dornbracht’s Preparing Water Zone is configured especially with this aspect in mind. It features a special professional spray mixer with an adjustable stream to gently clean vegetables, fruit and meat.

It also has a double basin sink unit that is deep and has a large capacity on one side and a flat, shallow basin on the other.

With the addition of a separate cutting board over the flat basin side, preparation can take place right at the sink. Such an arrangement does not merely save people legwork; it also prevents water from freshly washed vegetables, meat and fruit from dripping onto the kitchen floor.

The wall mounted Pot Filler for the Cooking Zone articulates the clearly defined lines and decisively sleek design characteristic of the entire Water Zone series.

The outlet has a cold water-only valve and two flexible swivel joints that allow movement in every direction. With specially designed flush-mount brackets, it can be positioned directly next to the stove and is height adjustable to accommodate large pots and containers. The wall-mounted Pot Filler is available in chrome and matt platinum surface finishes.

Similarly, the Drinking Zone by Dornbracht provides clear, clean and refreshing drinking water in the kitchen and other living areas in a home according to an individual’s needs.

Its sleek, compact styling is well suited for wide range of flexible design applications. Whether it is included in the kitchen or in other places in the home, pure drinking water can be made available anywhere with Drinking Zone.

Dornbracht's water dispensers are ideally suited for use in the Drinking Water Zone.  The system includes fittings, a water filter and hot water tank and comes in chrome or matte black finishes.

The water dispensers are available in an easy-to-use hot and cold water tap; move the lever backward for cold water and move it forward for hot water. The water dispensers supply near-boiling water (93C) at the push of a lever.

Hot beverages such as coffee and tea can be prepared quickly and conveniently at any time. Baby bottles can also be rinsed out with near-boiling water. Stubborn food residue can be removed from dishes. The water dispensers are also available in a hot water-only version.

Dornbracht's Water Zones programme represents a completely new concept for domestic kitchens, spatially separating different water-related tasks in home kitchens as they are in commercial kitchens.

The specially configured Water Sets (fittings) and Water Units (basins) are coordinated to suit each Water Zone: preparing, cooking, cleaning, drinking and universal. – TradeArabia News Service

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