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Activist in good health says Bahrain ministry

Manama, April 10, 2012

Activist Abdulhadi Al Khawaja is in good health but that he had been transferred from the Public Security Clinic to the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Hospital because the latter is equipped with more advanced medical services, said a top government official.

Inspector-General Brigadier Ibrahim Habib Ghaith added that the Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation conforms to all international human rights standards and that it is carrying out its duties professionally regardless of media or political pressure.

"The Interior Ministry cares for the health of Mr Al Khawaja just as it cares for the health of any of the other inmates at the Reformation and Rehabilitation Directorate," the Brigadier said. "It offers the same level of professional, competent medical services to all inmates."

He went on to add that the human rights representatives that have visited the directorate have all recognised this fact.

Brig Ghaith said that Hassan Mushaima, who is also a convict, is being visited by family members and lawyers and is seeing a doctor regularly.

Within the last four months, Mushaima was allowed nine two-hour family visits. Some of these visits included as many as 12 family members. In addition, his lawyer visited him six times for an hour each time during the three months.

The Brigadier reported that Mushaima's health is being monitored continuously and that he had been referred to a special tumour consultant at the Health Ministry he chose.

Mushaima met the specialist on April 5 and was assured that all medical procedures that had been taken to that point were correct and internationally accredited.


The specialist also assured him that his general tests were normal but scheduled more specific tests, possibly unrelated to his previous disease, to be carried out in the near future.

The specialist advised Mushaima to continue with his current medical treatment.

Brig Ghaith also said that Mushaima was checked by doctors 24 times in the past four months and that he received all required medical treatments.

"The health care provided to all inmates is comprehensive and professional and complies with all international human rights standards," he said.

Meanwhile, independent international experts appointed by the government Dr M Amr and Dr J J den Otter released a report on Mr Al Khawaja after visiting him at BDF Hospital on Sunday and yesterday.

They said that he appeared well and was co-operative, quite coherent, well-oriented in time, place and person.

They said he was also able to comprehend and respond to their conversation in a normal way. The doctors said he has not been continuously on total fast and took fluids orally and intravenously.

He did not complain of any symptoms related to the upper or lower gastro-intestinal tract and had neither vertigo (dizziness) nor diplopia (double vision) or blurring of vision, they said.

Blood tests showed normal renal function and blood electrolytes and a normal serum uric acid level, the doctors added. The computerised tomography of the brain, chest X-rays as well as sonography of his heart, abdomen (including liver and kidneys) were all normal, except for the liver which was fatty.

Chief Prosecutor Abdulrahman Al Sayed said late last night that the Cassation Court will issue a verdict in Al Khawaja's case on April 23. – TradeArabia News Service

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