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Grace Century sees light in UV technology

Dubai, October 9, 2012

Ras Al Khaimah-based international research and private equity company, Grace Century, sees substantial and “un-tapped” market opportunities in UV Technology with regard to the sanitisation solution industry.

While ultra-violet (UV) technology has been used for over 100 years, it is only recently that it has made its way into consumer orientated market. Ultra-Violet rays are known for their ability to kill 99.5 per cent of many germs and bacteria, known to be harmful to humans.

They have the ability to make a hazardous waste stream normal refuse. These products include UV toothbrushes, toilet covers, bed scanners, and even area-sweepers for operating and hospital rooms.

More recently, products have even become fashion statements, winding up in clothing, nail polish, and hair associated products.

Even with these bi-products, ultra-violet is an important tool in the sanitising industry, a statement from Grace said. With new strains of germs evolving every day, epidemics, such as the common “bed-bug”, and “hospital-born” problems, where thousands of patients are developing staff infections each year, the opportunities seem obvious.

Grace has researched firms with products addressing numerous incubation areas. Anywhere there are possibilities of the transfer of human bodily fluids, a potential risk can be born.

Scott Wolf, Grace Century’s director of research, said: “We even saw a firm that was able to take hazardous bio-waste, such as needles in a physicians’ office, process it in a self-contained canister using UV light, and grind these down to 1/100 of the size. The end result was a non-hazardous waste stream that could be put into ordinary landfills.”

“Where we are today with technology, will not even be recognisable to where we are in the next 10 years,” he added. – TradeArabia News Service

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