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Fury over vice surge in Bahrain locality

Manama, May 18, 2014

Residents of a recently-developed area in Bahrain's Juffair district have started moving out amid claims that their homes have been invaded by revellers, said a report.

Area councillor Hussain Qarqoor told the Gulf Daily News, our sister newspaper, that at least 100 people living in Block 324 had decided to move elsewhere because of an overriding culture of sleaze, vice and immorality.

The area sits on reclaimed land to the north and east of Ahmed Al Fateh Islamic Centre (Grand Mosque) and includes a mix of hotels, furnished apartments and approximately 1,000 homes.

Qarqoor said residents had been plagued by the "hectic" nightlife in the area, with reports of drunken intruders found sleeping on living room floors and prostitutes knocking on doors pestering for money, the report said.

In one case, an inebriated home invader even left behind a pile of excrement for the homeowner to discover, Qarqoor said.

"What is happening is beyond acceptance, it is robbing other residents of their peace of mind. I can't fault them for wanting to leave their homes - for several years they have been complaining to the authorities, but to no avail.

"More have called me to say they are leaving and they want action and I informed the police, but they came to the area for only a day or two and then disappeared.

"That place is hectic at nights and I suspect that even the police got such a headache that they decided to leave."

Qarqoor, who is also the Manama Municipal Council services and public utilities committee chairman, said the problems in Block 324 arose as a result of improper planning.

"It was a residential area at first, then it was opened for investment, then back to residential, and later on both were allowed," he said.

"A similar problem existed on Al Shabab Avenue (American Alley) in the commercial district, but that stopped as villagers took a stand.

"In Block 324, the case is different as most neighbours don't know each other.

"It would help if they took a united stand, and if they want real solutions then the only way is for someone to go around collecting signatures that the council could refer to the Cabinet."  - TradeArabia New Service

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