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FACTBOX: Disasters at Haj pilgrimage

JEDDAH, September 24, 2015

More than 700 pilgrims were killed in a crush at Haj on Thursday, the deadliest such incident since 1990. Here are some other fatal events at Haj in past years.

December 1975 - A cooking gas cylinder explodes in the pilgrim tent city, causing a fire that kills over 200 pilgrims.

July 1987 - Iranian protesters clash with Saudi police, leading to the death of more than 400 Iranian pilgrims.

July 1990 - Inside the Al-Muaissem tunnel near Makkah, 1,426 pilgrims are crushed to death. The accident occurs on Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice), Islam's most important feast at the end of the Haj and the day of the "stoning of the devil" ritual.

May 1994 - A stampede near Jamarat Bridge in Mina, near Makkah, kills 270 in the area where pilgrims ritually stone the devil.

April 1997 - 343 pilgrims are killed in a tent fire at the haj camp at Mina, prompting the government to construct a permanent, fireproof tent city there.

April 1998 - One hundred and nineteen Muslim pilgrims are crushed to death in Saudi Arabia at the Haj.

February 2004 - A stampede kills 251 Muslim pilgrims in Saudi Arabia near the Jamarat Bridge during the stoning of the devil.

January 2006 - Some 362 Muslim pilgrims are crushed to death at the eastern entrance of the Jamarat Bridge during the stoning ritual.

September 2015 - A crane crashes into the Grand Mosque days before Haj begins, crushing 111 people to death.

September 2015 - A crush of pilgrims travelling from the camp at Mina to the Jamarat bridge kills at least 717, Saudi civil defence says. - Reuters

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