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The FMCG rankings in Egypt

Dettol, Galaxy, Nescafe & Juhayna top Egypt FMCG rankings

CAIRO, 26 days ago

Dettol, Galaxy, Nescafe and Juhayna are the FMCG brands that enjoy the best brand health among the residents of Egypt, YouGov’s FMCG/CPG Rankings 2021 reveal.
The FMCG rankings in Egypt are divided into five sub-categories: Personal Care, Home care, Snacks, Beverages and Food Pantry. Each category ranking features the top ten brands that have the best brand health among the residents of the country.
The rankings are compiled using YouGov BrandIndex Index score, a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of the net Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation scores collected from an online nationally representative sample between August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021. 
Covid-19 boosted the demand for health and hygiene products as people started realising the importance of personal hygiene. This also reflects in the FMCG rankings for Egypt, where leading hygiene brand Dettol (35.0) took the first place and emerged as the healthiest brand in the ‘Personal Care’ category. 
Oral health brands Sensodyne, Signal and Close Up also appear in the list in second (28.6), fourth (23.6) and tenth (16.8) respectively.
Dove is placed in third (23.8), Johnson’s in fifth (22.3), while its sub-brand Johnson’s Baby is in the sixth place (18.6).
Head & Shoulders, Lux and Rexona complete the top ten in Egypt, appearing in the sixth (18.3), eight (17.7) and ninth (17.1) place respectively.
In the ‘Home Care’ category, hygiene brand Dettol again emerges at the top of Egypt rankings, with an Index score of 44.0. 
Ariel is in second in the list (31.5), followed by Persil, Pril and Clorox in third (31.1), fourth (26.5) and fifth (26.4) respectively.
Downy appears in sixth (25.1) and the famous stain remover brand Vanish lands in seventh (20.8).
Other brands completing the top ten list for ‘Home Care’ category are Fairy (18.3), Harpic (14.2) and Tide (12.0). 
Within the ‘Snacks’ category chocolate brand Galaxy leads the Egypt rankings with an Index score of +42.8. The packaged snacking food brand Molto takes the second (34.4) place, followed by Nutella in third (32.5).
Along with Galaxy, other chocolate brands like Kit Kat, Cadbury and Mandolin also feature in the list in fourth (31.8), fifth (31.3) and tenth (23.1) respectively.
American biscuits & cookie brand Oreo is sixth (30.1) in the rankings, followed by PepsiCo’s snacking brand Sunbite in seventh (27.4).
The rest of the list features Chipsy in eight (25.6) and Bake Rolz in ninth (24.7).
In Beverages category, global coffee brand Nescafe emerged as the healthiest brand with an Index score of 34.4. Almarai came in the second (33.8) place, followed by American beverage brand Schweppes in third (33.5).
Middle East’s beverage brands Fayruoz, Juhayna Juices and Rani take the fourth (33.1), eighth (23.9) and the ninth place (22.9) respectively. On the other hand, international soft drink brands Pepsi and 7 Up land in fifth (32.6) and seventh (24.5), respectively.
The top ten list also includes popular tea brands, Lipton- Yellow Label Black Tea placed in sixth (27.9) and its green tea variant- Lipton Green tea in tenth (20.7).
The ‘Food pantry’ category is topped by Egypt’s indigenous brand Juhayna (34.0), followed by El Rashidi El Mizan (32.1) in second with Saudi brands Halwani in third (23.8) and AFIA (23.1) in the fourth place.  
Gulf region’s famous food manufacturer Atyab takes the fifth position (21.0).
Other brands making an appearance in the list are Heinz in sixth (21.0), Vitrac in seventh (20.6), Bake Rolz in eight (18.4), El Doha in ninth (16.7) and finally Americana in tenth (14.1).-- TradeArabia News Service


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