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Castrol celebrates Edge anniversary

Dubai, July 16, 2007

Castrol, the global motor lubes maker, is celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of Castrol Edge, a new range of synthetic engine oils for the consumer market, with a hot competition.

Consumers have a chance to win exciting prizes including a brand new X Box in the contest. Consumers have been invited to visit www.castroledge.ae  between July 8 and August 15 to join the contest.

The Castrol Edge range provides superior protection and performance, the company said. “Castrol Edge is a custom designed range of best of breed car engine oils, the product of more than $25 million in research and development over five years,” it said.

Due to its extreme heat resistant attributes, the new Castrol Edge range is ideal for Middle East motorists whose car engines endure scorching summer temperatures for at least six months a year, said a spokesman.

“Castrol Edge is the result of a painstaking and persistent product development process which saw the lubricant performing under the roughest and most rigorous conditions,” said B Shyam, global brand manager, Castrol.

“We have combined Castrol’s unmatched lubricants legacy with our state-of-the-art technological innovations and the company’s pool of sector specific specialists throughout the production line to produce our best oil yet which lasts longer,

protects and cleans the engine, maintains performance and improves fuel economy,” he said.

Castrol Edge underwent a series of exhaustive tests which saw it reaching a startling 340 degrees C, far hotter than any other oil reaches in service.

The burnt metal and plastic parts were filtered out and the same oil was pumped into a small can and sent to a leading independent test laboratory to go through the toughest European industry high temperature test. After 72 continuous hours under 150 degrees C oil temperature, Castrol Edge passed all industry tests yet again. 

“For demanding Middle East drivers, thermal resistance is an important aspect of maintenance and the overall driving experience. The soaring GCC temperatures combined with dune-bashing and drag racing make oil performance key and Castrol Edge is designed to provide this extra bit of engine protection and performance even under the most extreme weather conditions and driving circumstances,” said Shyam.

Independent tests also showed that Castrol Edge flowed up to twice as fast through engines even under freezing conditions of up to -15 degrees C, he said. –TradeArabia News Service 

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