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VW to launch new Passat CC in November

Dubai, September 22, 2008

The new Volkswagen Passat CC will make its debut in the Middle East in November 2008, Volkswagen Middle East confirmed.

This sporty, dynamic car represents a brand new segment in the automobile industry combining the rationality of a saloon and the emotional appeal of a sports coupé, a first for the motoring world.
The rationality of the Passat CC being a practical saloon is achieved by the four-door concept, the four fully sized seats and a significant level of interior variability.

The coupé philosophy is reflected in a progressive, sporty coupe line as well as a performance-oriented and dynamic equipment programme. The coupé design is also displayed in the seat layout, both in front and in the rear ergonomically designed sport seats of the highest calibre are used.

The saloon/coupe concept of the Passat CC is also present in the wide range of top level technologies used in the vehicle.

The Passat CC's innovative assistance and driving dynamic systems combine the sportiness of a coupé and the comfort of a top saloon in one car that includes the car's new Adaptive Chassis Control or DCC system.

The DCC system ensures that the car's suspension is adapting to suit the road and driving situation, allowing the driver the option of choosing between three programmes - Normal, Sport and Comfort - all at the touch of a button.

Decisive here is the fact that the DCC system improves comfort and dynamic properties in the Normal mode too – and therefore full-time.

The DCC system also reacts to acceleration, braking and steering inputs. This resolves the conflict in objectives between a stiff sporty suspension and a comfortable suspension.

Another technological platform in the Passat CC is the Lane Assist. This active lane keeping system on the Passat CC is unique worldwide in this vehicle class.

Lane Assist detects lane markings via a camera in the vicinity of the inside mirror or rain sensor.

It automatically counter-steers as soon as the Passat CC leaves its lane unintentionally; a genuine gain in convenience and safety.

The system is activated via the multifunctional display on the Passat CC. The driver can “override” the “Lane Assist” steering with little force.  The lane keeping assistant does not react when the driver activates the turn signal before crossing over a lane marker either.

Aimed at a clientele seeking a car that is exceptionally sporty, elegant and high-end, the Passat CC comes with a striking front end with expressive headlights, an elegant rear, a dashboard design and a panoramic tilting roof. Upon request a newly designed ambiance lighting system on the doors, called 'ambiance package,” gives the interior an especially pleasant lighting ambiance at night.

A wide range of comfort functions and innovative entertainment options are offered in the Passat CC, including a new generation radio and navigation system.

Features of the top entertainment version – the RNS 510 – include intuitive touchscreen control and a hard-disk supported navigation system. No less innovative is the Mobility Tyre System, the “Park Assist” and “ACC Automatic Distance Control” with stopping distance reducing “Front Assist”.

The Passat CC comes equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, maximum safety head rests, the complete range of developed airbags, electronically controlled dampers, a leather-lined steering wheel and a high level of active safety embodied by an Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP).

Volkswagen is offering the Passat CC exclusively with highly advanced direct injection engines worldwide.

The Passat CC will come to the Middle East with two TSI engines. The first one is a 1.8 litre engine with a power output of 118 kW / 160 hp (at 5,000 rpm). This turbocharged four-cylinder is exceptionally fuel efficient (average fuel consumption: 7.6 litres/100 km) and torque<

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