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UAE drivers urged to conduct car checks

Dubai, January 29, 2012

With the weather in the country reaching record lows this month, car owners in the UAE should take advantage of the climate to conduct timely inspections ahead of the summer heat, according to experts.

“Good brakes slow the rotation of wheels, and how quickly the wheels stop crucially depends on how much grip tyres have on the surface of the road, so worn tyres and brakes can be a disaster waiting to happen,” said Asad Badami, managing director for A-MAP, a leading distributor of aftermarket automotive spare parts, batteries, tyres and lubricants.

“The most common form of transport in this country is cars, and with the excessive driving on a daily basis occurring here, low tread on tyres significantly increases the braking distance of a vehicle. Combined with the high speeds on UAE roads, unchecked tyres and brakes could contribute to injuries and deaths on the roads.”

“The safety of a car rests on a driver’s ability to stop quickly and effectively. Tyres are a relatively low cost safety feature and given that the life expectancy of a well-maintained tyre is up to 60,000km, the running cost is not one that is prohibitive when they need to be replaced,” he added.

Speed, condition of brakes and tyres, and road conditions are all contributing factors to stopping distance and travelling at just 80 km/hr, a vehicle in good condition with good brakes and tyres can travel up to 60 metres before coming to a complete stop. This distance significantly increases with worn brakes and tyres.

Many road accidents in the Emirates are attributed to faulty brakes and worn tyres combined with high speeds, and a lack of awareness of the significantly reduced stopping distances associated with these factors leads to deaths on the road that could be prevented. In 2010 there were 225 people killed on Dubai’s roads, down from 225 in 2009, according to Dubai Police.

“A regular inspection of a vehicle’s braking system will ensure the brakes are of good quality and safe,” said Badami.

“It is also important to note any changes in the feel of the brake pedal, such as feeling soft or making contact with the floor, and immediately having the brakes checked and ultimately replaced. An accident caused by faulty brakes is potentially preventable if the public are aware of the early warning signs,” he added. – TradeArabia News Service

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