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Saudi mulls points vs fine to cut traffic abuse

Riyadh, April 28, 2014

Saudi Arabia is considering a plan to implement a point system to replace the existing fine system in a move to reduce traffic violations, a report said.

“The traffic department is seriously thinking of implementing the point system plan against drivers,” an official at the Riyadh Traffic Department was quoted as saying in the Arab News report.

“The new point system will help reduce traffic violations by more than 90 per cent nationwide, the source added.

“A driver who does not care about how much money he pays in the form of fines will be more mindful of traffic rules if he is under threat of suspension of his license,” the report quoted two traffic experts.

“Even if he pays the fine, the decision to suspend his license remains in effect. In addition, the suspension will cause the driver to run into difficulties with the insurance companies, as they will be asking for a premium to insure reckless drivers,” the experts said.

Saudi Arabia records more than 1,500 traffic accidents with a daily average of over 30 fatalities. The number of people injured annually crossed 40,000, while the fatalities count tops 8,000 per year, the report said.

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