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Car owners “want safety, quality and honesty”
when they take their vehicle for a service.

Bosch backs UAE’s move to rate garages

DUBAI, April 28, 2015

Government plans to regulate the UAE’s car service industry by awarding garages three-, four- or five-star ratings based on a new set of criteria have been welcomed by Bosch, a leader in automotive service and spare parts.

The Ministry of Economy is setting up a Garage Standards Committee to oversee country-wide inspections to classify the 18,000 garages in the Emirates. Garages will have to provide details of tools and spare parts used as well as information on manpower training, hygiene, safety standards and level of customer service.

“We applaud this move to regulate the UAE car service industry. It will be well received by car owners who want safety for their families and themselves as well as quality and honesty when they take their vehicle for a service,” said Andreas Bodemer, vice president of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Middle East and Africa, which operates a network of workshops delivering service and spare parts.

“It’s well known that some garages partly use counterfeit spare parts to improve their profitability at the expense of the car owner.  The government move to drive standards up at car workshops is a very positive step in the fight against counterfeit spare parts and overall efforts to improve vehicle, road safety and to protect the car owner.”

Bosch plays a key role in raising vehicle service standards in the UAE aftermarket and around the globe with its multi-brand Bosch Car Service Centers, noted Bodemer.

“The UAE government is far ahead of others in showing the way forward for the local car service industry. Bosch is playing its part by ensuring regular upgrades for all the Bosch Car Service workshops to keep them at the forefront of modern automotive technology and systems,” he concluded.- TradeArabia News Service

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