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US firm develops power from hydrogen

New Jersey, December 1, 2010

BlackLight Power, a US-based company founded by a Harvard medical doctor called Randell Mills, has announced the production of electricity from a new form of Hydrogen.

BlackLight Power on Wednesday said the new CIHT (Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition) technology has been independently confirmed by Dr KV Ramanujachary, Rowan University Meritorious Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

“We have demonstrated the ability to produce electrical power using chemical systems for the direct production of electric power from the conversion of hydrogen to hydrinos, a more stable form of hydrogen,” said Dr Randell Mills, chairman, CEO and president of BlackLight Power.

'CIHT has a forecasted nominal cost per unit of power compared to that of thermal-based systems and produces electricity without requiring enormous thermally-driven mechanical generators.'

'Consequently, more rapid dissemination is expected by deploying many autonomous distributed units that circumvent the huge barriers of entry into the power markets such as developing and building massive billion-dollar power plants with their associated power distribution infrastructure. This is especially true in emerging markets,' Dr Mills said.

According to him, BlackLight Power is first focused on advancing CIHT technology to produce power to ultimately sell directly to consumers under power purchase agreements.

“The business plan is akin to that of solar leasing, but the costs are potentially vastly cheaper, and the systems may be deployable for essentially all applications of all scales untethered to the Sun or the grid, or as in the case of fuel cells and cars, a fuel supply,” said Dr Mills.

“To realize how transformational this technology will be, imagine that an electric car can travel over 5,000 miles on the hydrogen energy from a gallon of water without any pollution whatsoever. The power source can then be lifted out and plugged into your electrical panel to power your home with enough power to spare to also power your neighborhood,” he added.
Akridge Energy, a licensee based in Maryland, intends to deploy distributed-scale CIHT electric power units at commercial real estate properties and sell electricity to its tenants and eventually into the local electric grid.

John E. Akridge III, chairman and owner of Akridge Energy said, “BLP’s breakthrough CIHT technology will allow us to become a major green-power producer for the DC metro area while enabling dramatic savings and unheard of independence.'

'It is ideal for our needs across the full spectrum of our applications: powering apartment complexes, commercial offices, retail outlets, and mixed-use projects,' he noted.

Dr Ramanujachary said, “The chemicals used in CIHT technology are similar to those used in thermal and chemical cells that were separately, thoroughly and diligently validated over the past three years by a team at Rowan University that included myself.'

'Since the measurements on CIHT are electrical versus calorimetric, there can be no dispute over the power and the energy balance.'

'With further optimization, there is no doubt that this technology will present an economically viable and environmentally benign alternate to meet Global energy needs. If advanced to commercialization, it would be one of the most profound developments ever,' Dr Ramanujachary stated.

BLP also announced today the replication of the extraordinary high-energy light emission below 80 nm from hydrogen at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).

These results, previously thought to be impossible based on past theory, are predicted to be from the formation of hydrinos, the company said.-TradeArabia News Service

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