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New wind turbines ‘efficient even in low winds’

HELSINKI, June 11, 2018

New technology now enables higher towers and larger rotors than the previous wind turbine generation, allowing new-generation wind turbines to be efficient in low winds, said a study from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland,.

The new technology will allow turbines to be located more freely in the future, for example in forested areas and will enable an increase in competitive wind power. Although the investment costs of the new power plants are higher than before, there is a fivefold beneficial increase in the potential offered, compared to the older technology.

Based on the same cost assumptions, the new technology could cover the whole of Finland’s electricity consumption (86 TWh), whereas the old technology’s potential was limited to around 16 TWh. In addition, land use restrictions have no major impact on the evaluation of the new technology’s potential, since it would enable economically viable production in more locations than before.

“Sufficient wind power is available in Finland. Technology and land use restrictions affect the available wind power potential, i.e. annual energy production. The key issue is to decide on the extent to which this potential is realised. In practice, wind power is intended to cover part of electricity consumption. Large-scale use of wind power will require new kinds of solutions throughout the electric power system,” said research scientist Erkka Rinne of VTT.

Wind power is a form of renewable energy and Finland’s expertise in Arctic wind power gives it a particular competitive edge in this regard. VTT is developing state-of-the-art technology which takes account of environmental impacts and benefits from e.g. the tools and fine adjustments enabled by the virtual modelling of wind turbines. – TradeArabia News Service

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