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Iran nuclear deal ... a ticking time bomb?

Iran nuke deal ‘will only delay weapons programme’

DUBAI, April 7, 2015

The recent Iran nuclear deal will delay but eventually confirm the country’s future nuclear weapon capability as the deal allows Iran to use enhanced nuclear purification methods after the time period of 10 years, a report said.

The usage of sanctions and embargos, and a potential indication of applying military force will further push the Iran administration to move further with the nuclear weapons program owing to their perception of threat from their regional neighbours backed by the US, according to a perspective on the Iran nuclear deal published by Frost & Sullivan, a growth partnership company.

One suitable way for settling the issue will be to build a Middle-Eastern Collaborative Nuclear Initiative where the regional members can collectively establish, build, test and evolve their civilian nuclear capabilities with a clear point of visibility to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This way, nuclear technology reaches everyone without the risk of its military application at an affordable cost to the participating members. Such an initiative will ensure regional and international nuclear-peace through collective transparency.

According to Frost & Sullivan, restricting one country from evolving its capabilities over alleged reports and enhanced regional military capabilities, and thereby alienating the suspect-country, will only render the situation volatile in the long run.

With a strongly divided regional military balance and a growing threat perception and potential weapons of mass-destruction, all it needs is a regime change that results in the outright violation of west-led peace initiatives.

In case of such an event or even an all-out transformation of the (any of the) current administration’s political stand, will result in a combination of regional military conflict and internal terrorist attacks. Any efforts for enhancing peace in the middle-east should cover more of regional collaboration that subordination of any kind, according to the Frost perspective.

In search of better international peace, democracy and stronger international community, a nation cannot be kept out of the global economy for too long.

The deal will also potentially help the country to further its science and technological progress, especially areas like nanotechnology.

The lifting of sanctions can give an unprecedented boost to Iranian oil exports over the years; however, it is not expected to make any significant impact in the short run and there is a close wait and watch until June 2015 when the final deal is made. – TradeArabia News Service

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