Wednesday 21 October 2020

Supply chain innovations to ensure resilience

DUBAI, 22 days ago

As businesses transition into new ways of working they will first slip into an interim way of working - the 'pre-new normal' phase, during which supply chains will be reshaped around resilience, diversified manufacturing and multiple sources of supply, a report said.

The new report from DHL explains how the Covid-19 pandemic will result in new thinking around procurement, supply chains and logistics, as companies adjust their operations to new business models.

Demand, transport, warehousing-related topics and workplace operational practices will become critical issues, according to the report.

Key takeaways:

•    Post-coronavirus, supply chains will not be the same as they were pre-coronavirus.

•    Businesses won’t immediately transition into new ways of operating, and an interim stage – the ‘pre-new normal’ phase – will bridge the gap.

•    In the ‘pre-new normal’ phase, resilience, demand, transportation, warehousing-related topics, and workplace operational practices will become critical issues.

•    Supply chains will re-shape themselves around resilience, with more diversified manufacturing, and multiple sources of supply.

•    Supply chain innovation will be essential and collaboration along the value chain will be the enabler for future business success.

•    Transportation and warehouse networks might have to be re-configured to ensure more flexible, but still cost-effective, supply chains. Workplaces will see changed practices around social distancing.

•    The journey from lockdown to ‘pre-new normal’ and then to new realities will require a re-assessment of today’s supply chains based on a changed environment and a potential new set of priorities. – TradeArabia News Service



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