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TNS launches ‘Shabab Tek’

Dubai, March 17, 2008

Global consumer insights leader TNS has launched “Shabab Tek”, the first of its kind research study in Middle East.

In a one of its kind cultural connect study conducted amongst 16 to 25 year-olds in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait TNS Middle East and Africa, a number of significant trends have been identified that may have a telling influence over future Arab-Gulf societies and also on how markets and brands evolve in the region, the company said in a statement.

“TNS has always had a passion for helping our clients connect with their consumers in winning marketing strategies. Following on from the path breaking ARAC (Arab As Consumer) programme which in 2001 was the first to identify and quantify emerging consumer segments for more effective brand communication strategies comes Shabab Tek,” said TNS Mena managing director Steve Hamilton-Clark.

“Shabab Tek presents a never before deep dive look at youth in the Gulf today and how they are driving change in society.  With the under 25s representing two-thirds of the population, and being agents of future change Shabab Tek with is 14 Emerging Trends and 10 Youth Truths is a landmark study, and a must have for regional marketers” said Hamilton-Clark.

The 80 young men and women were methodically identified as Future Shapers – a category of consumers who are open to change, actively seek new experiences and are staunch advocates of ideas they believe in.

“Marketers who wish to future-proof their brands need to actively engage this highly influential trend setting segment of the population. These Future Shapers are setting the stage for what the rest of the population will likely adopt in the near future, and so Shabab Tek opens the door to the future rather than mirroring the present.” said Tammy Jalboukh and Ambrish Chaudhry, members of TNS’ strategic consumer connect cell, Al Tawaasul, who championed Shabab Tek.

Shabab Tek is a syndicated program, conducted between July and November 2007, that went beyond conventional research to find uncover golden consumer nugget insights.

A number of qualitative ethnographic tools, ideation sessions and online desk research were used to engage trendsetters across Dubai, Kuwait, Jeddah and Riyadh, to better understand and document a series of insights through live consumer experiences and videos.

“We looked for insights in the quirkiest of places be it Facebook profiles, blogs, graffiti or matrimonial sites. We even looked inside the purses of our female respondents in an effort to get to know who they truly are. The whole attempt has been to identify trends and insights beyond the obvious.  Clients we’ve presented to are saying that they’ve seeing a fresh and innovative approach with great results.” said Jalboukh.

The single most defining aspect of this generation is the fact that they are not willing to accept the conformist silence of yesterday. There exists a strong need to be noticed and to express one’s views, the study revealed.

This generation has something to say and it will go to extraordinary lengths to say it; be it in the form of books, blogs, documentaries and social networking sites such as Facebook. So, to really hear what the youth have to say, all you have to do is start listening (in the right places), it added.

Across the board, Gulf youth, while willing to explore western inspired experiences are proud of their heritage, nationality and leaders. Interestingly, the urge to preserve their traditional way of life is much stronger in Dubai – perhaps a natural phenomenon as they seek their cultural comfort zone in a cosmopolitan environment, the study said.

In Riyadh, however, this sentiment – although present – is overshadowed by an urge to break taboos and push boundaries in a highly conservative society, it added.

This is oil boom 2.0 and in many ways this generation has it much better than any previous ge

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