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New Panasonic AC offers 'breath of fresh air'

Bahrain, April 21, 2008

Panasonic has created a new air conditioner designed specifically for the extreme summer temperatures of Bahrain and the country’s unique sandstorms.

The e-ion Air Purification System provides air purifying capability proven to be 10 pc better than any other air-con unit currently available, and features a compressor designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions, the company said in a statement.

Last year Panasonic witnessed air conditioner sales increase by 131 per cent in Bahrain, with a total sales increase of 124pc across the region giving them a 12pc share of the total GCC air-conditioning market. The company aims to increase its sales by a further 200pc in 2008, it added.

“Panasonic’s new system is capable of simultaneously cooling and purifying air in a single unit, offering the 2-in-1 value of an air conditioner and air purifier,” said Panasonic Marketing Middle East product manager Abby Thomas.

“The realities of sandstorms are a perfect example of some of the extreme conditions people have to be prepared for in this part of the world. With all that dust in the air, people can be prone to discomfort which can make breathing difficult,” he said.

“The e-ion air conditioning system is designed to deal with exactly those conditions. People will benefit from the e-ion technology which will allow them to breathe fresh, uncontaminated air while cooling them at the same time.”

Discharged e-ions catch dust particles and bring them back to the positively charged filter with a boomerang-like mechanism; while cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is 55ºC.

“In consideration of the severe temperature conditions in desert regions of the Middle East, the units feature a highly durable compressor and fan motor to maintain a comfortable room temperate even under the hottest conditions,” Thomas said.

An advanced version of regular negative ions, e ions are a unique technology developed by Panasonic which provides both air purification and bacteria inactivation.

Three trillion e-ions are released to capture dust where the unique system uses the attractive force between negatively charged dust particles and a positively charged filter to powerfully remove dust and clean the air.

“This year’s Panasonic 2-in-1 line up, is an excellent example; with its 55º C super tropical compressor and a high Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) it ideally suits Bahrain’s hot summer and dusty atmosphere” he said. “This demonstrates that Panasonic is always a step ahead in designing and manufacturing environment friendly products,” said Ganesh Mithra, Country Manager for Al Futtaim Sons (AFS), Panasonic’s distributor in Bahrain.

“Over the last few years, we have been seeing the split AC market grow, as people have started to switch over from the traditional Window AC; this shows that consumers who choose ergonomically designed Split ACs are more aware and show greater interest in the benefits ACs can have on their health,” he added. – TradeArabia News Service

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