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First high-end audio boutique opens in Dubai

Dubai, April 22, 2009

Al-Futtaim Electronics has announced the launch of Audissey, the first multi-brand exclusive boutique which in more ways than one, pays homage to those creative music lovers who appreciate and contribute to the art of playback.

The world’s super luxury, high performance audio and home theatre brands from Europe, US and Australasia will be on Audissey’s product line-up at the exclusive store at Wafi Mall, said a company statement.

The outlet will showcase top quality synergistic equipment in impeccably designed listening rooms to ensure that renowned home entertainment systems bring the feeling of live performance into a personal living space.

Vishesh Bhatia, group director – Electronics, Engineering & Technologies, Al-Futtaim said: 'Audissey is no ordinary store. It is the world’s first exclusive multi-brand outlet with audio systems that provide an experience of a kind you get at live performances.'

'No other store anywhere in the world has this collection of incredible audiophile-level array of global brands,' he noted.

Audissey will represent Burmester, Wilson Audio, Kharma, Sooloos, Lamm, Analysis Plus, Ayre, Boulder, Clearaudio, Genesis, Merlin, Transparent, Verity, Perreaux, Cardas, Audes, Paradigm, Anthem, Jolida, Audio Research, FIM and Ultrasone, he added.

On offer is everything from mono and stereo amplifiers to multi-channel amplifiers, preamps, home theatre processors, digital source, CD and DVD players, turntables and phono preamps to the finest stereo and surround sound loudspeaker systems.

'When we conceptualised this exclusive experience, we wanted listeners to connect emotionally with the performing artistes. Unlike conventional products, these remarkable systems at Audissey go beyond reproducing sound; they deliver the emotional experience that musicians intended the audience to feel!'

According to Bhatia, Audissey is addressed to the select group of music lovers who are specially tuned towards the purity of sound.

“Fans of good sound like being exclusive. They know key differences between just hearing good music and what makes good music sound better. So putting together an audio system that's exactly right is a science and an art and this is the space that Audissey will play in,” he added.

Bhatia pointed out that Audissey products are unique in technology, design and functionality.

'From simple two channel setups to complete custom designed home theatre systems that defy the imagination Audissey will help customers assemble electronic components that will reveal a whole new world of delicate tonality, harmony, intonation and dynamics currently not revealed in normal Hi Fi setups,' he opined.

Most importantly, Audissey will encourage guests to take time in fully evaluating and comparing products, Bhatia noted.

'Discerning music lovers and true sound reproduction enthusiasts will be entertained by appointment only so that they can spend time at Audissey. We will help them experience their perfect sound through a blend of carefully chosen sound components and proper speaker placement, even advice on room acoustics if required,' said Steven King, manager, Audissey.

'Whether or not the customer knows what they want, we are more than happy to demonstrate the products we carry.'

'Advantages for this kind of exclusivity are numerous and include the ability to fully evaluate a component in an environment that is true to the ear, where the experience is so important to the listener,' King remarked.

“Audissey consultants will spend a lot of time getting to know what the client likes and wants to hear,' he added.-TradeArabia News Service

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