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New shops boon for Bahrain labourers

Manama, January 3, 2011

Thousands of industrial area labourers in Manama could soon benefit from a variety of commercial services in a bid to safeguard their lives from crossing highways to nearby towns.

The move also aims to tackle complaints from residents that their areas are being invaded by indecently dressed labourers from the Mina Salman Industrial Area, according to councillors.

They say that some labourers wear nothing more than 'towels' around their waists, exposing their private parts.

The Manama Municipal Council says it hopes that shops and other commercial enterprises at industrial areas will mean labourers won't have to enter residential neighbourhoods to purchase basic necessities.

It has now agreed to allow shops to open in all industrial zones, whether they consist of factories or smaller businesses such as carpentry shops, vehicle garages or welding and mechanic workshops.

Council technical committee chairman Hussain Qarqoor said the new initiative would also benefit foreign workers by saving them long, and sometimes fatal, walks to the nearest shops.

The types of businesses that will be allowed to operate include cold stores, pharmacies, bakeries, barber shops, restaurants, money exchange and transfer services and laundries.

'We save everyone hassle and embarrassment with this decision, which everyone in the council agrees will keep residents happy and offer comfort to expatriate labourers,' said Qarqoor.

'Residents are angry with the labourers walking around homes, flashing their private parts from under a thin towel as they look for their needs within the commercial outlets in their neighbourhood.

'Many have been shouted at or beaten because of that and having commercial outlets within reach of their place of work or accommodation will ensure that they can walk around as they like without anyone being offended.

'It will also mean that labourers will not have to cover a long distance to reach their desired destination, as it will be just a few steps from their door, which we hope will also end road deaths.'

Qarqoor, who is also the area's councillor, said that allowing such services would ensure fewer problems for everyone.-TradeArabia News Service

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