Friday 21 January 2022

Video shopping platform ShopperON goes live in UAE

DUBAI, December 6, 2021

ShopperON, a social commerce live video shopping marketplace platform has launched in the UAE, enabling individuals as live stream hosts and stores to create and host their own shopping channels on the platform.

Co- founded by Sylvia Dequito and Osman Sultan, it is an interactive marketplace where shoppers can ask questions and the livestream host can answer it live with shoppable products on the screen where they can add to cart without leaving the live events.

The platform provides a real time dashboard that enables stores and live stream hosts to track their sales and commissions on real- time. The physical shopping experience has been virtualised for the local and global consumer.

Chairman of ShopperON, Osman Sultan said: “This live video shopping platform is unlike any other online shopping experience to date. It is much more personalised, bringing sellers and shoppers together in real time, making it more an interactive event.

“For the consumer, it is akin to having a personal shopper and for the seller it affords the opportunity to directly connect with the customer, providing in-depth product descriptions, pricing and demonstrations, making the entire process feel much more personal. With statistically an estimated 2.14 billion shoppers online world-wide, it would have been folly not to have created ShopperON.”

ShopperON provides exposure opportunities for brands, wholesalers, warehouses and even retail events to showcase their products during live session to their customers. Influencers and sales people alike are encouraged to interact with the consumers and earn money thru commissions.

“Coming out of the pandemic, a lot of retail businesses are looking for options to tap into new markets avoiding a large overhead or additional employees. And one way to survive in business you need to deliver a unique and valuable online experience, especially that consumers behaviour changes dramatically because of the Covid-19,” said Sylvia Dequito, CEO of ShopperON.

“This is where we come up to a business idea to build a platform that can positively impact millions of people. Our platform will create transparency and authenticity as the buyers can ask and watch the item while the live stream host answering their question and shop in real time, anywhere they are.  And it’s guaranteed, returns are 50% lower, when items are bought in livestream.”

Live video shopping is the future of e-commerce. It is already a $170 billion market in China and $1 billion business in the US and expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

UAE has the highest smart phone penetration rate in the world of 83%, along with Saudi Arabia, which is not far behind at 68% (Source: Newzoo’s 2018 Global Mobile Market report). By simply downloading an app on a smart phone, potential customers have instant access to a multitude of options.

The e-commerce retail market in the Middle East & Africa is expected to grow by 20% in the next 5 years to reach $26 billion in 2022, which outpaces the global growth of 13% smart phone usage reaches almost 100% among GCC millennials.

By side-stepping a traditional bricks and mortar shop, overheads are slashed, business is not geographically limited and recognised shopping times are irrelevant as ShopperON is available round-the-clock. Ease of shopping is a big draw.

Customers can see what they want to order, make their purchase and have it delivered to their door. The ease and speed at which transactions are offered is a considerable attraction to this kind of shopping and as previously mentioned, growth is assured in the coming years.

ShopperON beta app version is available to download now in iOS and Android, a company statement said. – TradeArabia News Service


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