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Modhesh World’s rides promote active lifestyle in children

DUBAI, August 1, 2017

A number of attractions at Modhesh World, one of the most popular indoor edutainment destinations in the region, is turning the amusement arena into a training ground to test and hone a child’s physical fitness.

These rides are in keeping with the park’s mission to spread happiness and cheer among visitors, while at the same time promote holistic development within children and infuse a spirit of sportsmanship and collaboration.

“Modhesh World is designed to reflect and promote core values to attain an active lifestyle,” said Suhaila Saqer Obaid Ghubash, director, Festivals and Events, Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE). She added: “The new edition features several new and improved large-scale attractions that are aimed at enhancing both cognitive and physical skills in children. We hope that the rides Modhesh World will build a sustained interest in children to be inclined towards fitness-oriented tasks and stay away from a sedentary lifestyle.”

Modhesh World’s largest attraction is an expansive trampoline area that invites visitors on a fun and physically-demanding jumping spree. Hop from one pad to another, bounce against the wall and do a somersault or score some points by launching from the trampoline and slam-dunking a ball into the basketball hoop. This game underscores the importance of fitness, aerial skills, strong muscles, and synchronization.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Road to Future, Hall 2

Inflatable Slides
Tumbling down an inflated pad is easy and fun, but it’s equally challenging to climb the slides. Six inflated sides in Modhesh World invite siblings, cousins, and friends for a face-off to witness who completes the most number of laps while climbing and descending the slides. Children are never left out of entertainment as each slide is themed after their favorite character, including Smurfs and Mickie Mouse. There is also a waiting section for parents to watch their kids rejoice in pure joy.
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Amusement Street zone, Hall 3

Bungee Jumping
Children are attached to a harness and suspended in the air, and while landing involves free-fall, how far up you rise up again is a measure of the strength of your legs and toes to propel you upwards. There are four launch pads in the section so you can compete with friends to see who gets maximum elevation.
Duration: 3 minutes
Location: Amusement Street zone, Hall 3

Soft Play Area
With all the modern technology and gadgets in gaming, this traditional freestyle way of having fun is still one of the more popular attractions at Modhesh World. Travel through a maze, duck through a confined space and jump into a pool of soft plastic balls in the Soft Play Area. This is also a great spot for hide-and-seek and other adventure games that engage your physical skills.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Back to Nature, Hall 5

Water Roller
Enter into a giant water-walking balloon with a partner and give it enough power with your legs to roll over for some distance. This game relies on both physical strength and synchronization between the two people in the balloon.
Duration: 5 minutes
Location: Back to Nature, Hall 5

Modhesh World runs in Hall 1-6 in the Dubai World Trade Centre. Tickets are valued at just Dh20 ($5.4) and kids under the age of two enter for free. Regular timings: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm from Saturday to Wednesday and 11:00 am till midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

As a special gesture, Modhesh World organisers have introduced a ‘special savings’ deal where visitors now can enjoy 50 per cent ‎discount on the entry fee and select rides from ‏‎11:00 ‎am to ‏‎2‎‏: ‏‎00 ‎pm, Sunday to Thursday, until‎ ‎August ‏‎12. - TradeArabia News Service

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