Saturday 16 October 2021

600-year-old coral colony found in Red Sea project area

JEDDAH, September 7, 2021

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has announced that its team of marine science and environment experts recently discovered a 10-m-high, 600-year-old huge coral colony south of Al-Waqadi Island, part of the project's zone.
In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the company explained that this rare discovery is the first of its kind in the Red Sea region, estimated at hundreds of years old, which was measured through the size and number of rings that grow annually on the colony’s outer structure, in addition to the presence of giant redwood trees, a historic reference for the past centuries. 
The statement said that the colony will enable scientists to read the rings of coral reefs and learn more about the ocean temperature in previous years, and its chemical composition at the time.
TRSDC said the discovery highlights the beauty of marine life on Al-Waqadi Island, west of the Red Sea project, the most attracting tourist destination in the world, which will put the Kingdom on the world tourism map. Coral reefs are living creatures, and their beauty is usually formed when the initial coral unit adheres to a rock in the sea where the seabed and its bases contain a solid structure of limestone, and then this unit begins to divide into thousands of cloned colonies before these creatures are linked to each other to create a colony that behaves as one organism.
TRSDC said they will work to enhance coral reefs' environments and increase their ecological diversity in the project area, calling on communities to preserve all sea creatures without exception by reducing threats to marine life such as pollution and overfishing.


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