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Arab Strategy Forum to feature global leaders

The upcoming Arab Strategy Forum in Dubai will feature former US Vice President Dick Cheney and former Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Li Zhaoxing set to lay out the future direction that US-China relations.

The 12th edition, opening on December 9 at Ritz Carlton DIFC, will also host a discussion on whether we are heading into the next decade by starting with a global economic recession and what can be done to mitigate its effect.

The annual event explores the major social, political and economic factors that will shape the Arab world in the coming years. This year’s edition will draw the participation of 18 keynote speakers, including an array of former ministers, international officials, leading industry experts, international strategists, writers and media professionals.

This year’s Forum is running under the theme ‘Forecasting the Next Decade’. The panels, discussions and keynotes held at the one-day event will explore and forecast the events and trends anticipated to unfold over the next ten years, and their impact on politics, socio-economic frameworks, international relationships and diplomacy.

In addition, the Forum will issue three reports that expound further on the social conditions of the next decade: The Future of Islamism, Global Trends in 2030 and 11 Questions for the Next Decade.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, and chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Forum, said: “With our current geopolitical and economic context as a starting point, the 12th edition of the Arab Strategy Forum will hear from prominent political and economic figures and their forecasts for the future in the region, and globally. In the coming decade, we expect to witness the consequences and changes from many of the important events and social transformations developing around us today.

“Knowledge, leadership and practical solutions are essential in being prepared for the years ahead, and a sustainable and steady future – all of which we will see and hear at this year's edition of the Arab Strategy Forum.

“The Forum presents today’s challenges and opportunities to the world’s leading decision-makers who can address them in a precise, balanced and politically-scientific manner, so we can best learn how to anticipate, manage and maintain socio-political equilibrium in the region and beyond.,” he added.

The event will welcome Li Zhaoxing, Former Foreign Minister of China, and former US Vice President Richard Cheney, to discuss the global order in 2030, with specific insight on the US and China’s leading roles in it, over a roundtable.

Zhaoxing will discuss the vision and motives of China's foreign policy over the next decade, China's role in the Arab region and its peace efforts, the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on Chinese foreign policy, the China-US trade sphere over the past two years, and the future of this collaboration.

For his part, Cheney will offer his perceptions of the world order in the next decade with the rise of China and Russia, and the economic impact of technological and security trends, and how they have impacted the US’s standing in maintaining world security in addition to the possibility of the US to form a new global system to work with its historic allies China and Russia. – TradeArabia News Service