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Ebdaa Bank striving to revitalise Bahrain’s economy

The Ebdaa bank for Microfinancing, Bahrain, has affirmed that it will continue providing finance to Bahraini micro-entrepreneurs to boost their contribution to the economy and GDP through their projects.
This was the focus of the speech of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, at the Cabinet session, which outlined the features of a comprehensive development renaissance in the kingdom.
Mona Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed, Chairman of Ebdaa bank, said HRH Prince Salman was able, through “Team Bahrain”, to unite the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organisations, to achieve integration at all levels, for success. She also hailed HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister’s outstanding success in achieving the reform project envisaged by His Majesty the King and his profound understanding of Bahrain’s singularity, location, and developmental needs.
Nasser Al Kahtani, Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Arab Gulf Programme for Development AGFUND which had established Ebdaa Bank for microfinance, praised the unique vision of His Highness the Crown Prince and for propelling the role of the private sector as the primary engine of growth.”
“HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister had from the beginning drawn a roadmap to develop the Bahraini economy by defining a correct flexible relationship between the public and private sectors. He had persisted with his desire to have a free economy open to the world, despite calls for retreat and closure. This vision has resulted in placing Bahrain at the forefront countries of the world in terms of economic freedom and ease of doing business, and also establish the kingdom’s international position as an attractive environment for investment in various fields, and an incubator of excellence, and a catalyst for entrepreneurial projects in various fields,” Al Kahtani added.
The CEO of Ebdaa Bank, Dr Khaled Al Ghazzawi, affirmed that HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister enjoys the  support enthusiasm, energy, and vitality of youth and the wisdom and patience of elders. 
“We expect that Bahrain will demonstrate more progress, prosperity and openness to the world and move forward in the process of modernising its laws so that they enable financial, industrial, tourism, and other investments. We affirm our permanent partnership with the Bahraini government headed by the Prime Minister to achieve the desired common goals,” Dr Al Ghazzawi concluded. -- Tradearabia News Service