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Women’s five incentives to invest in real estate

Although women may be interested in real estate investment, hesitation, fear and lack of sufficient finance deter them from investing, said real estate expert Walid Al Zarooni.
Al Zarooni stated that women have stayed away from investing in the real estate sector, despite the great success they have achieved in other sectors, as they have become successful managers, doctors, teachers, engineers and businesswomen.
However, Al Zarooni noted, women in general play a pivotal investment role in the real estate market. "Men cannot deny that ‘she’ is the main driver in pushing him to buy the house, and in many cases, the woman is the purchase decision maker not the man, whether in case of making a new family or expansion of their house,” he said.
Women's investments
Official DLD data say women's investments recorded a growth of 72% in 2021, compared to the number of female investors, on annual basis. That year, 17,705 female investors pumped more than AED38.4 billion ($10.45 billion) into 22,165 investment deals.
Al Zarooni stressed that the current women’s investments are the result of a great trust that has been built over the past years, and investment in Dubai real estate is not limited to Emirati women who control the largest share, but it extends to women of other nationalities.
He expected women to continue their ambitious investments and expand their ownership of real estate in Dubai, because it is the easiest and most preferred investment sector by many, and is not subject to major turmoil like stock markets or other assets, so it may be suitable for the mentality of women who are always looking for safe investing haven.
Five factors
Meanwhile, a recent "W Capital Real Estate Brokerage" report spotted five factors that motivate women to invest in Dubai real estate, amid the robust sector’s activity and the unprecedented improvement of the investment environment in the emirate.
The head of W Capital stated that women's orientations to real estate investment may not be equivalent to the income they gain, and there are five factors that may encourage their entry into the sector.
More income
Al Zarooni believes that real estate investment is an additional advantage for future savings in and for generating additional income for the family through re-leasing.
Maintaining money value 
Al Zarooni noted that investing in real estate represents a good opportunity to preserve the value of money in light of high levels of global inflation and turbulence in the value of other assets, while real estate remains one of the safe havens that maintains value, especially Dubai real estate, being under an unprecedented recovery.
Financial independence
Every woman, he said, seeks to achieve financial independence and cautious of expanding their investments or the exploitation of their savings away from taking risks in more dangerous and unstable investment methods.
An investment for the next generation
Al Zarooni explained that buying real estate is a good investment for future generations, and the more attractive opportunities are exploited at the present time, the lower the cost that children can bear in the future to buy a property when they seek independence in their personal life.
Stable income after retirement
"Real estate investment may be a suitable opportunity to obtain a stable income after retirement and improve the level of family income in a way that maintains the continuation of the levels of luxury that may exist in the pre-retirement period,” Al Zarooni concluded.-- TradeArabia News Service