Wednesday 22 May 2024

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Over 70pc firms in ADGM plan workforce expansion in 2024

ABU DHABI, March 20, 2024

A total of 70.81% of companies in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) anticipate expanding their workforce during 2024, with 29.93% expecting sizeable increases and 40.88% planning moderate growth in staffing. This is according to a survey conducted by ADGM.
The survey results indicate a strong growth trajectory in several sectors, with Asset Management poised to take the lead, as 18.56% of respondents recognise its significant growth potential. Following closely are the Fintech and the fields of Digital Assets, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with 17.08% and 16.83% of stakeholders banking on their rise, respectively. 
These sectors are reinforced by the growing interest in Sustainable Finance and Private Banking and Wealth Management, which are also projected to experience substantial growth. Furthermore, Professional Services are forecast to continue their upward trend, rounding out the sectors set for expansion within the dynamic financial landscape of the IFC.
ADGM's unique position as a premier IFC
The survey shed light on the unique attributes that define ADGM's appeal as a business hub. Notably, 21.35% of participants acknowledged the robust regulatory environment as a cornerstone of ADGM's competitive edge. The market's strategic location was also highlighted by 19.66% of the survey pool, underlining ADGM's role as a strategic gateway for tapping into the MEASA region and beyond. 
The multitude of networking opportunities (17.04%), the exceptional quality of life (14.98%), and the diverse community (14.04%) were also recognised as key strengths that contribute to ADGM's position as an attractive business destination. In addition, the availability of a skilled workforce, acknowledged by 11.24% of respondents, emphasises the market’s capacity for attracting and fostering professional talent.
Business community confidence in ADGM 
The confidence in ADGM is further reinforced by the readiness of the business community to recommend the IFC to businesses. An impressive 97.08% of business leaders express a positive inclination towards endorsing ADGM. 
Among them, 71.53% are 'Highly likely' and an additional 25.55% consider themselves 'Likely' to recommend it. This substantial majority reflects the strong confidence in which ADGM's world-class regulatory framework, advanced infrastructure, and exceptional business opportunities held within the global business community. 
Moreover, this is a clear reflection that ADGM's comprehensive approach to fostering a supportive, innovative, and thriving business environment is clearly resonating with the global business community, positioning it as a leading IFC and a hub of economic activity for the future.
Abu Dhabi a city known for safety, stability and quality of life
A combined 78.84% of respondents endorse Abu Dhabi's overall liveability positively. This endorsement highlights the city's effectiveness in delivering an outstanding quality of life, supported by superior infrastructure, affordable living costs, and luxurious community facilities. 
Additionally, Abu Dhabi's achievement in being ranked as the world's safest city for the 8th consecutive year further underlines its excellence in ensuring the security and well-being of its residents, making it an even more attractive destination for both expatriates and nationals.--TradeArabia News Service


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