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Limited visibility due to dust-storms leads to road accidents
and flight delays

Masdar Institute launches dust forecasting system

UAE, July 19, 2016

Abu Dhabi-based Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has launched a real-time dust forecasting system that provides accurate, up-to-date dust information for the Middle East region, said a report.

A research-driven, graduate-level university, Masdar Institute said the advanced dust forecasting system, ‘Atmospheric Composition and Weather Forecast System’, will help inform government officials and UAE residents about anticipated dust-storms so that the country can better prepare for them, according to Wam.

The web-based forecasting system is available online at Masdar Institute's official web-site, and provides nearly real-time maps of atmospheric dust and other pollutants across the UAE, it said.

The limited visibility due to dust-storms leads to road accidents and flight delays, it stated.

Additionally, dust-storms also coat solar panels with residue, reducing their power output until cleaned, and can have detrimental effects on agricultural crops. Thus, through the configured and calibrated forecasting system at Masdar Institute, the UAE will be better equipped to prepare for and tackle the negative impact of dust-storms.

Speaking on the new system, Dr Hosni Ghedira, director of the research centre for Renewable Energy Mapping and Assessment and professor of practice at Masdar Institute, said that the new system is a turning point in the region’s ability to properly manage the impacts of dust-storms.

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