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65,000 multi-storey parking spaces in Abu Dhabi's buildings

ABU DHABI, April 3, 2024

Multi-storey parking spaces in private buildings in Abu Dhabi number about 65,000 parking spots across more than 150 companies and real estate offices.
Revealing this, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi stressed the importance of following the parking distribution system in private buildings. 
The ITC also reiterated that employees from the licensing and inspection sector of the ITC are carrying on their inspections and monitoring campaigns across various sectors to ensure full compliance with the terms and regulations for distributing these parking spaces and continuously updating the parking data.
Mechanism for distribution
The ITC clarified the mechanism for distributing parking spaces in private buildings that were granted approval before the relevant law was issued. Consequently, residential buildings allocate one parking space that is free of charge for each residential unit, starting from the apartments with the most rooms to the least. When apartment sizes are equal in terms of room count within the same building, distribution priority is given to the longest-standing residents.
As for multiple-use buildings (residential and commercial), the parking allocation process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, one parking space is given free of charge for each residential unit with priority to the apartments with most rooms, gradually descending to those with fewer rooms. 
If the apartment sizes are equal, priority is given to the longest-standing residents. The second stage is applied after completing the first stage. If there are additional parking spaces available, they are distributed among the building’s other occupants (offices, commercial activities, and service activities) based on the largest area to the smallest.
As for commercial buildings (offices, commercial activities, and service activities), parking spaces are provided free of charge to the owners of commercial activities and service-providers based on their area, from the largest to the smallest. 
The ITC clarified that for private buildings constructed after the law was issued, owners are prohibited from leasing parking spaces to non-occupants without prior permission from the administration and confirmation of available additional spaces beyond occupants' needs. 
Technical regulations
For owners of existing buildings with parking spaces, they must allocate free parking spots to occupants without increasing rent. Parking spaces are granted according to the approved ratios outlined in the technical regulations appended to the executive regulations of the parking law in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The ITC affirmed that if the number of parking spaces in these buildings exceeds the approved ratios after distribution according to said ratios, assigning the additional spots may be allowed after obtaining permission from the administration, with priority to the residents. 
If parking spaces in these buildings are insufficient for their occupants according to the approved ratios, the owner must distribute available spaces to them according to the system specified by the administration after exploring the situation of each building individually.--TradeArabia News Service


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