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UAE firm raises $9.5m to reshape GCC's entertainment sector

DUBAI, November 26, 2019

In an effort to redefine the GCC and Mena region’s entertainment sector, UAE-based equity fund, Immersive Experiences, has successfully raised over Dh35 million ($9.5 million) during the past year and a half to launch a series of fresh and innovative entertainment projects.

Formed in 2017 by seasoned entrepreneurs Sameer Ali, Mohamed Ali, Zohaib Ali and Sultan Alrajhi, Immersive Experiences has identified a gap in the region’s entertainment industry and spent over a year and a half selecting a suite of engaging, multi-sensory and pioneering entertainment concepts to completely disrupt the current entertainment options that exist in the region today.

From creating their own avant-garde facilities to franchising well-established Intellectual Property concepts and licensing them, the entire Immersive Experiences portfolio consists of concepts that have a strong forecasted appeal across the region, capable of engaging audiences through rich and stimulating experiences.

Sameer Ali, managing partner, Immersive Experiences, said: “In the last year and a half, our fund has raised over Dh35 million and is set to add to this sum in the months to come. Strategic partners from all over the region are continuously expressing their interest in Immersive Experiences not just  as just an entertainment hub, but an innovation hub that is set to become a regional leader in its field.”

“At Immersive Experiences, we take pride in our work and never settle for average. We hold a number of ground-breaking concepts to our name, each with a fresh, innovative and distinct twist that takes entertainment to the next level. By placing customer engagement at the heart of every idea, we aim to elevate each and every person’s experience and adapt to today’s rapidly changing environment where customers of all ages expect more,” Sameer added.

With a mix of franchised facilities and their own proprietary flagship concepts that cater to both kids and adults, the fund has an aggressive roll-out plan that is set to see more than 15 facilities launched across various territories in the region in the coming years, a couple of which are set to open in the coming months and 10 others by the end of 2020. The fund’s selection of proprietary flagship concepts includes MultiVRse, Woo-Hoo and Xstrike, all of which span the breadth of every demographic offering premier experiences to last a lifetime.

Immersive Experiences has also franchised and licensed well known international concepts such as WipeOut Park, based on the famous tv show that brings challenging courses and epic obstacles built on both land and water. This exciting international concept will be a first for the region and is expected to be a huge success.

Mohamed Ali, managing partner, Immersive Experiences, said: “As the population of the UAE, and indeed the wider region, grows, so does the demand for entertainment options that offer people the quality and experience they seek. With Immersive Experiences we can confidently say that we have not only matched these but knocked them out of the park with world-class concepts that will not be forgotten.”  

With each concept in the Immersive Experience portfolio, the fund will introduce regional firsts that include a social gamification element; an overall immersive experience in a themed environment like no other. Immersive Experiences is the only company that offers a premier solution for customers who are looking for something new and exciting and has elevated the indoor entertainment experience from more than just a play area to pass time, but rather an environment that is completely multisensory, engaging and enriching.

Some of the concepts in the Immersive Experiences portfolio include:

Xstrike, a live-action combat simulation concept that successfully bridges the gap between traditional paintball and laser-tag. Utilising the weapons systems and software from iCombat, a US-based industry leader, the equipment replicates the form and fit of the most well-known assault rifles in the world. Based on an interwoven narrative with life-like stories, Xstrike features unique Hollywood style movie sets, including an authentic military-themed Base Camp, a mystical “Post-Apocalyptic” and an “Abandoned Subway”.

Woo-Hoo! an experiential edutainment centre that stimulates children in a fun and entertaining way, prompting them to unleash their imagination by motivating them to learn via interactive exhibits and activities. The facility aims to create transformational experiences that promote family engagement through the use of immersive environments.

MultiVRse, a bespoke virtual reality (VR) theme park that offers an unparalleled combination of realism in motion, graphics and team-member interaction. Conceptualised by Immersive Experiences, MultiVRse is set to offer a variety of distinct experiences that cater to a wide target demographic. From an escape into untold futuristic worlds “multiverse” to 4D effects, motion platforms, augmented reality (AR) arenas, 4k laser projectors and zero gravity motion platforms. Customers are promised an unforgettable journey across several categories including combat, exploration, education, sports, relaxation and much more.

WipeOut Park, the one and only action-packed experience known from the famous TV show that brings challenging courses and epic obstacles built on both land and water. As seen on TV, the goal is to cross different obstacles without falling into the water, avoiding the infamous Big Red Balls, the Dizzy Dummy, the Sucker Punch wall, the Sweeper and more!

Sultan Alrajhi, managing partner, Immersive Experiences, said: “With Immersive Experiences, we wanted to introduce leisure and entertainment brands that are different to the traditional family entertainment centres in the region today. All the concepts in our portfolio focus on creating experiences that will leave a long-lasting impression on customers in the region for years to come.”

Immersive Experiences’ universal approach in investing in a broad range of entertainment, leisure and recreation concepts has systematically created a number of investment opportunities within the region, and as such has created a strong synergy for all stakeholders involved in their major projects. - TradeArabia News Service


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