Thursday 26 April 2018
Story launches online psychometric tests

Dubai, March 29, 2010, the Middle East’s number one job site, has launched an online psychometric evaluation service for the region’s professionals and organisations.

The launch comes at a time when 63 per cent of the region’s professionals agree that companies in the Middle East should start using or supporting psychometric
evaluation, with 15 per cent disagreeing and another 18 per cent stating it depends on a number of factors – according to’s latest online poll series.

Psychometric evaluations or tests, which are a standardised process to map and plot the psychological traits of an individual in order to measure sensitivity, memory, intelligence, aptitude and personality among other educational and psychological traits, can help an individual to make the best possible career choice, and can enable employers to check the suitability of a potential candidate for a specific vacancy.

The psychometric evaluation tests are designed to specifically evaluate the work-related/professional attributes of an individual, in view of the cultural nuances and work-place characteristics specific to the region. Professionals from entry-level graduates to senior executives can benefit from the psychometric tests, by using them to find a career path most suited to their personality.

“By extending these tests to professionals, we are empowering them to discover just where their competencies, preferences and abilities lie in terms of industry type and in terms of their role within an organisation, which will enable them to find a career and position that they are suited to and that they can make a success of,” said Lama Ataya, marketing and corporate communication director at News Service

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