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Bioscience Clinic unveils new stem cell treatment

DUBAI, December 18, 2015

Bioscience Clinic Dubai has unveiled its revolutionary Adipose Derived Stem Cell Technology (ADC) in the Middle East for the first time. 
Located in Dubai Health Care City, Bioscience Clinic Middle East is the first regional laboratory and clinic from the European based Bioscience Group, to culture and administrate autologous (the patient’s own) cell therapies. 
The state-of-the-art clinic and lab offers the most exclusive and advanced tailor-made autologous cell therapies for safe, natural and long lasting results.
Giuseppe Mucci, founder and owner of Bioscience Clinic, said: “I am delighted to bring this ground-breaking technology to Dubai, which is fast becoming one of the world’s leading medical hubs.
"The forward thinking attitude of Dubai and the fact that it likes to be the first to do anything is the reason we chose to open our very first clinic outside of our European headquarters in Dubai.”
The aesthetic treatments being offered include anti-ageing skincare creams, made using the patient’s very own adipose derived stem cells (ADC); facial fillers and skin rejuvenation using the patient’s own adipose derived stem cells; natural body shaping, such as breast and buttock augmentation, also using the patient’s very own adipose derived stem cells and more.  
“By using the patient’s autologous cells, we eliminate the chance of rejection by the body and we eliminate the risk.  At the same time we are maximising the benefits such as encouraging healing and regeneration of the targeted tissues because we are using the adipose stem cells expansion technology," said Mucci.
"This is completely different from say, a fat transfer which some clinics offer, as the healing and regeneration benefits do not exist in a straightforward fat transfer. Also, when using a fat transfer to the breasts or face this is usually reabsorbed by the body and simply disappears within months.  With adipose derived stem cells, the results have been proven to be long-lasting,” he said.
The development of the laboratories in Dubai is a result of eight years’ experience of existing Bioscience Institute laboratories in Europe, which are considered one of the most advanced and unique in the world when it comes to autologous stem cell application.  
Bioscience Clinic Dubai extracts a patient’s suitable adipose tissue, and then creates the adipose derived stem cells called ‘Liposkill’ which functions as ‘cell bank’ for patients to use for a variety of purposes.
Liposkill contains 100 per cent autologous expanded cells collected from a small amount of patients’ own fat which is very quick and easy. In fact, patients undergoing liposuction at any plastic surgery clinic in the UAE can request their surgeon to send the fat tissue being extracted to Bioscience Clinic to be turned into Liposkill cells which they can then later use for a variety of purposes ranging from aesthetic to preventative medicine.
“Stem cell technology is a bit a buzz word on lots of people’s lips, but what they don’t realise is that it’s not a futuristic dream, it’s actually a reality right now," said Mucci.
"It is important to know that Bioscience Clinic is the only clinic in the world authorised to utilise this technology, and that our adipose derived stem cells is scientifically proven and backed by years of research and approval from world medical authorities,” he added.
Bioscience Clinic Middle East Laboratories has been licensed and inspected by the Ministry of Health of UAE and Dubai Health Care City, with over eight years development and experience the Dubai Clinic welcomes patients to experience a new world of exclusive anti-ageing and plastic surgery therapies. - TradeArabia News Service

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