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EGA Jebel Ali ... environment-friendly project.

EGA Jebel Ali launches energy optimisation project

DUBAI, February 8, 2015

Emirates Global Aluminium Jebel Ali (EGA Jebel Ali), also known as Dubai Aluminium (Dubal), has launched the aluminium smelter's latest project that targets energy optimization and capacity creep.

The project has three core components:
• Replacing 513 pots in Potlines 1 to 3 with D18+ Technology cells: This follows a pilot project that successfully demonstrated EGA’s expertise in retrofitting older potlines. Seven former D18 Technology cells in Potline 1 were completely modernised in 2012 by incorporating more modern technologies that offer improved performance and economic competitiveness. The product of extensive in-house modelling, the new D18+ Technology cells achieved operating targets – notably a reduction in net specific energy consumption to below 13 kWh/kg Al; delivering current efficiency greater than 95 per cent; and an increase in production capacity to 2.0 tonnes Al/day. Based on these performance standards, the remaining 513 pots in Potlines 1 to 3 will be replaced with D18+ Technology cells.

This is the first project at EGA Jebel Ali to install new technology in an existing potline. When the project is completed, the operating amperage of Potlines 1 to 3 will have increased from 205 kA to 230kA, increasing production by about 40,000 tonnes per year, while using similar power as the existing D18 potlines. First hot metal from the upgraded potlines is targeted for September 2015.

• Adding 4 DX Technology cells to Potline 8: Originally developed in 2006, the first generation DX Technology was installed in the 40-cell Potline 8 at EGA Jebel Ali in 2008 and has operated stably ever since. The cells began operating at 340 kA and reached 401 kA by the end of 2014. This increased operating amperage, together with the associated reduction in specific energy consumption, has allowed for additional DX Technology cells to be added to Potline 8 – which, in turn, will increase the line’s production capacity.

DX Technology was also implemented in the 756 cells built in Phase I of EGA’s Al Taweelah smelter operation (also known as Emirates Aluminium or Emal), which currently operate at about 400 kA (creep to 410 kA is planned by the end of 2015).

• Adding 6 D20+ Technology cells to Potline 5B: Inspired by the success of the D18+ Technology pilot project in maximising production with the available power, experimental modifications were introduced to modernise the D20 Technology cells in Potline 5B at EGA Jebel Ali. This resulted in reduced specific energy consumption, allowing for additional D20+ Technology cells to be added to the line. The modifications also yielded higher hot metal production, thus contributing to further production creep.

“For EGA, optimising energy efficiency is a key strategic objective that aims to minimise operational impact on the environment while ameliorating the significant cost of energy,” says Dr Ali Al Zarouni, vice president, Jebel Ali operations. “These factors have underpinned the development of advanced technologies that not only increase productivity, but also reduce our operations’ impact on the environment through improved energy-efficiency and reduced emission levels. Using these technologies is integral to EGA’s drive to ensure long-term competitiveness in an industry that is sensitive to product quality, costs and, increasingly, environmental performance.”

Yousuf Bastaki, senior vice president, major projects, said SNC Lavalin has been appointed as the EPCM provider for the energy optimisation and capacity creep project at EGA Jebel Ali.

“The owner’s team has enough strength, confident and experience to lead the EPCM to achieve the best KPIs of the project record, based on the recent series of successes in executing Emal Phase1 and Phase 2 with a Capex value of $10 billion. We are committed, as the owner’s team, to complete the project safely on budget and within the agreed programme of implementation, not compromising the relationship with our stakeholders including our long-term committed suppliers, while fostering the development of our national engineers.” - TradeArabia News Service

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