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Yokogawa unveils new info management support service

DUBAI, March 3, 2018

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has launched its new Device Lifecycle Management, a new IIoT cloud-based service for the management of information on plant assets. 
This is an information management support service for the digitized asset data of the IIoT era. It allows customers to digitalize the management of all device information and helps customers to improve the efficiency of plant maintenance management and the quality of data management.
Yokogawa said the digitization of asset information is an important key to the automation of and the realization of efficiency in asset management. 
Many of Yokogawa’s customers have already introduced solutions such as computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) to optimise efficiency, but not all have met their initial targets for improvements in the efficiency of their maintenance operations because they have encountered challenges in making full use of all their asset data. This solution was developed to meet this need.
The major features of this service are as follows:
*Centralized device list
Information on all purchased devices including documentation is linked to the device tags and serial numbers. By accessing the Device Lifecycle Management portal, users enjoy prompt access to the right information on both online and offline devices. Dashboards on the portal provide a comprehensive summary that details the number of spare devices, installed devices, and disposed devices.
*Collaboration with existing CMMS
Device information registered using the Device Lifecycle Management portal can be easily exported to a CMMS, which saves time and improves accuracy by eliminating a process (the reinput of data) that can result in data entry errors. 
*Compatibility search
When an instrument fails and there is no spare device in inventory, this function helps to determine whether other devices in the spare parts inventory are compatible with the failed device.
*Mobile application
A mobile application for the Device Lifecycle Management service has been developed. With this application, maintenance staff in the field can easily access device specifications and other types of documentation, confirm operating procedures, and check the compatibility between devices.
*Major Target Markets
Process industries such as petrochemicals, oil, chemicals, pulp and paper, electric power, iron and steel, pharmaceuticals, and food
Assisting in execution of the plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycle by providing access to data on plant assets
*Value Creation with Device Lifecycle Management
The newly developed Device Lifecycle Management service helps to minimize the amount of manual work that must be performed and improves the management of devices information. 
Yokogawa pointed out that this service makes it easy to register, view, and manage information on instruments that is useful for maintenance work, and helps customers to improve the efficiency of plant maintenance work and the quality of data management. 
Through solutions such as this Device Lifecycle Management service, Yokogawa will provide its customers the support they need to ensure the optimal management of their plant assets, it added.-TradeArabia News Service 

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