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New Sky Factory ceiling simulates sunlight

Dubai, October 22, 2009

The Sky Factory, a unique business that develops realistic illusions of sky for interior spaces, has launched a new product with a feature that recreates and simulates the rising and setting of the sun.

The programmable SkyCeiling creates an enhanced illusion of nature by introducing changes of light, colour, and time.

The programmable feature allows SkyCeilings to rise and set with the sun by following the intensity of local daylight. A small computer that can be programmed for any geographic area is responsible for producing the many small changes of light output.

By respecting the body’s circadian rhythm, the Programmable SkyCeiling can be viewed as a healing tool, a statement said.

Dr Michael Hastings, from the Medical Research Council Laboratory for molecular biology in Cambridge, discovered that deterioration in the condition of dementia patients could be slowed down by five per cent through utilizing light therapy and the body’s natural cycle (circadian rhythm).

The doctor explained that one of the difficult dementia symptoms to cope with irregular sleep patterns due to a disrupted circadian rhythm. Hastings said that light therapy may have its application elsewhere because other neurological diseases such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s are linked with the disruption of circadian rhythms.

Many applications

This added dimmable feature for SkyCeilings increases both ascetic appeal and real benefits to human physiology and well-being.

For example, in an ICU, the bodies’ circadian rhythm can be reinforced to help healing. Another way to implement this technology is in a nurse’s station where you can create an environment of alertness during the middle of the night.

This same type of effect can also be translated for casinos, restaurants, and other venues. In short, it is a tool for modifying experience in virtually any interior environment.

How it works

The Programmable SkyCeiling uses the same 6500K, T-5 fluorescent lighting as the company’s ordinary SkyCeiling, but is enhanced by a separate set of 2800K T-5 lighting and a digital addressable lighting interface (Dali) control system.

Dali is a digital protocol for the controlling of lighting, such as electrical ballasts and dimmers. The programmable system can be manually controlled via personal computer or programmed to run on a timer through a locally installed control box.

The programmable capability combined with the lower temperature lighting allows The Sky Factory to take “magical illusions of nature” one-step further with real-time illusion of a rising and setting sun.

Further capability, with more advanced programming and the possibly of different colored lamps could allow for more dramatic effects, such as lightning, the statement said. – TradeArabia News Service

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