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TechPlus launches tyre safety bands in Saudi

Jeddah, July 7, 2008

TechPlus, a leading regional technology solutions provider, has launched Tyrelok safety bands, the world’s first fail-safe aluminium wheel protectors for buses and heavy motor vehicles, in Saudi Arabia.

The pioneering safety band system consists of rust-free aluminum designed for tubeless tyre wheel rims.

They are fitted to cover the shaped recess (‘well’) in the wheel preventing the tyre from dislodging and leaving the rim in the event of a tyre burst or slow puncture, thereby preventing loss of control and otherwise inevitable accidents.

Following the success of a previous trial on light vehicles, a live demonstration was carried out during a launch ceremony at the Jeddah Raceway, on prearranged bus and truck tyres for Hajj transport companies and representatives from government departments.

“The safety band is a revolutionary invention designed to avert accidents caused by tyre deflation or sudden bursts by keeping the rubber in constant contact with the road, providing the driver total steering control,” said TechPlus general manager Saleh Bamehriz.

Recent studies have shown that 30 per cent of road accidents in the kingdom are caused by tyre failure.

“Whilst there has been much emphasis on safety belts, the wearing of which has been made mandatory in most countries, the fact remains that safety belts do not prevent accidents from happening – they merely prevent potential deaths or limit the degree of injury,” he said.

As such, there is a need to spend more effort and resources on developing innovative technologies which help prevent accidents and make our roads safer.”

The Tyrelok safety bands allow the people to continue driving with a completely flat tyre for a further 20km-25km. The bands do not have to be replaced following a tyre burst.

Tyrelok bands are easily fitted within a very short time (three minutes each) and do not affect the wheel balance. Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa (AFSA) developed a unique trademarked semi-sinusoidal clip for Tyrelok. The clip has 11mm of elasticity that keeps the safety band very tight in the wheel well under all conditions. The clip is jointly owned by BMA Marketing and AFSA, and cannot be used by other safety band manufacturer. – Trade Arabia News Service

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