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Expert urges drivers to maintain tyres

Dubai, September 10, 2012

Dubai’s roads users are at risk of life-threatening accidents if drivers do not maintain their tyres, said a local automotive expert.

Proper tyre maintenance and adherence to important advice is key to the protection of drivers and other road users from avoidable breakdowns and accidents, as well as improve vehicle handling, fuel economy and the life of tires.

“Basic tyre maintenance is as simple as maintaining proper pressure, inspecting for cuts, slashes or irregularities on a monthly basis, and observing tire and vehicle load limits,” said Asad Badami, managing director of locally-based automotive spare part, battery, tyre and lubricant distributor.

“Tyres are incredibly important; they’re the only part of the car gripping the road and are so often overlooked,” he added.

A 2007 report in the US estimated that 1.2 billion gallons of petrol is wasted each year due to the increase in rolling resistance in under-inflated tyres – nearly 1 per cent of fuel used in cars and light trucks.

The report also stated that blowouts linked to under-inflation cause over 41 deaths per year in the US, with the Emirates Driving Institute estimating that at least 75 per cent of vehicles in the UAE are running on tyres that are under-inflated.

According to Abu Dhabi Police statistics for this year, blown tyres have been the cause of 54 crashed in Abu Dhabi alone – with six deaths, six severe injuries, 24 moderate injuries, and 17 minor injuries.

“In addition to pressure, a tyre’s tread is important as it grips the road. The more tread, the more grip – it’s almost as basic as that,” added Badami.

“Tyres are a relatively low cost safety feature and given that the life expectancy of a well-maintained tyre is up to 60,000km, the running cost is not one that is prohibitive when they need to be replaced,” he said.

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