Friday 31 July 2015

Syria's Assad announces amnesty for army deserters

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad issued a decree announcing a general amnesty for military deserters who violated the country's compulsory military conscription law, state television said on Saturday. The decree, which was announced on state television, said the law that woul


Next IMF boss likely to come from outside Europe

The next managing director of the International Monetary Fund is likely to come from outside Europe when current leader Christine Lagarde eventually leaves, the deputy head of the Washington-based fund said in an interview broadcast on Saturday. IMF First Deputy Managing Director


UN to vote on MH17 tribunal, Russia likely to block

The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on July 29 on a bid for an international tribunal to prosecute those suspected of downing a passenger airliner last year in Ukraine, but Russia said on Friday it was likely to block the move. Malaysia last month circulated a draf


Security worries delay start of Greece's bailout talks

Talks on tying up a new bailout deal for Greece failed to start on Friday (July 24) as had been expected, with officials blaming security worries for delaying the negotiations with international creditors who are detested by many Greeks. Greek government officials had said this w


Greece loosens capital restrictions on businesses

Greece started loosening restrictions on foreign transfers by businesses on Friday, unblocking imports held up after the country introduced capital controls last month. Businesses have been hit by limits on transferring money abroad to pay for imports of raw material and other it


WTO in $1.3 trillion deal to cut IT products import tariffs

The World Trade Organization finalised a list of 201 information technology products to be freed from import tariffs in a $1.3 trillion deal on Friday, but said it was still short of the critical mass of countries needed to put it into force. The first global tariff-cutting deal


Deadly flash floods in Pakistan damage roads, crops

Flash flooding caused by torrential monsoon rains has killed at least 28 in Pakistan and affected hundreds of thousands of people, according to aid agencies, with further downpours expected in the coming days. In Chitral in the northwest, roads, bridges and crops were badly damag


Fifa to meet sponsors after increased pressure for reforms

Fifa will meet its leading commercial partners next month after three of them increased pressure for major reforms to soccer's governing body following a series of corruption scandals. Fifa Secretary General Jerome Valcke said that Coca-Cola, Visa and McDonald's had writt


Al Qaeda operational commander killed in US air strike

A US air strike in Afghanistan has killed a high-ranking Al Qaeda operational commander, the US military said on Friday. The US military named the target of the strike as Abu Khalil Al-Sudani, saying he was killed in a July 11 strike in the Bermal district of Afghanistan's Pa


Visa, Coke call for independent body to reform Fifa

Visa joined fellow Fifa sponsor Coca-Cola Co in calling for an independent commission to reform the way that soccer's governing body is run. The credit card company's chief executive said on its quarterly earnings call that Fifa's responses to corruption allegations w

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