Wednesday 24 August 2016

Arab SMEs getting a lift from social media

Popular social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are becoming major business enablers for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Arab World. This is among the major findings of a report titled ‘Social Media as a Business Tool for SMEs in th


Coming - edible food packaging

Scientists are developing an edible form of packaging which they hope will preserve food more effectively and more sustainably than plastic film, helping to cut both food and plastic waste. The packaging film is made of a milk protein called casein, scientists from the US Departm


Men more attached to their phones compared to women

Women can stay away from their phones for twice as long as men; however, neither can go one minute without checking their phones, according to new research. If you’re waiting for a friend, a colleague or even a doctor’s appointment, how long do you think it takes befo


Dubai: A tale in three markets

An analysis of the relationship between the Dubai real estate market, financial markets, and global oil price reveals certain trends are underway, according to Redin, leading real estate information company focusing on emerging markets. Historically there has been a low correlati


Rental returns stay strong in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE's leading property markets, continue to be safe havens for global realty investors despite a downward trend in prices, says a report. Though rents have seen periodic adjustments, the UAE’s unique selling propositions such as a highly smart,


Saudi Arabia shows its ability to move oil markets

Saudi Arabia demonstrated its ability to move oil markets last week with Brent crossing $50 following comments by Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih that the kingdom was "ready to take action", said a leading analyst. Following the Brexit vote on June 23, oil dropped more tha


In Egypt, IMF deal brings austerity few can afford

A few years ago Imad would not have imagined himself queuing in the Cairo sun for a weekly ration of subsidised baby milk. But rising prices mean his civil servant's salary barely lasts the month and the government is tightening its belt further. "Electricity is up, food


New York beats London as top property hub after Brexit

New York has knocked off London as the world's premier city for foreign investment in commercial real estate due to fears the vote to leave the European Union would diminish the British capital's appeal as a global financial centre. Data on cross-border property transacti


Low-cost airlines bet on data to drive profit

Europe's low-cost airlines once mocked the air miles programmes run by flag carriers as expensive relics of a bygone era. But after watching wide-eyed as customer databases were valued at billions of dollars, they are scrambling to catch up. Europe's two largest low-cost


Most cities too hot to host summer Olympics by 2085

In 70 years, most cities in the Northern Hemisphere will be unfit to host the summer Olympics due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, according to a medical journal's findings published this week. "Our study using climate change projection shows that t

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