Sunday 26 June 2016

Customer experience ‘top priority for telcos’

For more than two-thirds of telecommunications C-suite customer experience management is top strategic priority over the next three years, according to a new report from EY, a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. “A better customer experience


Cloud computing ‘more than just a tech shift'

While the term cloud has become increasingly familiar in the region, many of its business benefits can be overlooked due to the number of acronyms and options inbuilt around the service. Cloud computing delivers significant benefits in terms of tangible business metrics such as s


Post Brexit, UK torn between nationalism and global leadership

Political forecasters are smart about everything except the future. At 7.30 a.m. on the not-so-bright Brexit morning, the polling site Populus had 55 per cent of Britons planning to cast their ballots for continued union with Europe - 10 per cent more than those predicted to be q


Could Brexit vote be a preview of US presidential race?

Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union, buoyed by a frenzy of nationalism and populist anger, was a crushing rejection of the political elite. Republican Donald Trump hopes it is also a preview of November's US presidential election. The referendum result rev


Brexit baffled punters, fund managers to the very end

Nearly everyone, from London gamblers to US money managers got it wrong. Britain's vote to leave the European Union shocked pundits, investors and politicians alike, underscoring the inherent difficulty of forecasting such rare events. On PredictIt, an online political events


From Edinburgh to Gibraltar, Brexit vote sparks new claims

Within hours of Britons voting to leave the European Union, politicians in Scotland, Ireland and Spain raced on Friday to argue that the historic move bolstered claims over long-disputed parts of British territory.   In a referendum outcome that triggered Prime


World stocks in freefall as UK bids adieu to EU

World stocks headed for one the biggest slumps on record on Friday as a decision by Britain to leave the European Union triggered 8 per cent falls for Europe's biggest bourses and a record plunge for sterling. Such a body blow to global confidence could well prevent the Feder


From trade to migration: how Brexit may hit EU economy

  The European Union's chief concerns over Britain's vote to leave the group are political but losing its second-largest economy will have a huge economic impact as well.   Below are some of the main economic risks and benefits for the


With a British adieu to EU, it's farewell to Fed rate hike

The US Federal Reserve, already undecided on when next to raise interest rates, now has one more reason to wait: Britain's vote on Thursday to leave the European Union.   Not that the Fed needed another reason.   Weaker-than-ex


Saudi may return to oil market balancing role

Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, may return to its role of balancing oil supply and demand after the recovery of the global market, the country's energy minister indicated in comments published on Wednesday. "Despite the surplus in global oil productio

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