Monday 15 October 2018
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Mena jobseekers prefer online engagement with firms

Engaging with potential job seekers online is positive for a company's employer branding and is demanded by 94.7 per cent of the region’s job seekers, according to poll conducted by, a leading job site in the region.


‘Over 84pc find internship openings on job sites’

More than eight in 10 respondents (84.7 per cent) to a survey in the Mena region claimed that they were able to find many internship opportunities using online job sites. From the companies’ perspective, more than four out o

More… opens new office in Morocco, a leading job site in the Middle East, has opened its first office site in Casablanca, Morocco, extending its services to thousands of employers and job seekers in the North Africa region. The new office in Casablanca is


44pc of UAE employees see rise in salary

Nearly half (44 per cent) of the respondents to a survey in the UAE believe that salaries are increasing in the country, while 24 per cent believe that they are staying the same. Current salary In terms of current s


Majority in Mena ‘enjoy going to work every morning’

It’s Actually True: The Overwhelming The majority (86.7 per cent) of professionals in the Mena region are “satisfied with how enjoyable it is to go to work every morning”, with 67.6 per cent being “complete

More… logs 3m new members in 2015, a leading job site in the Middle East, has welcomed three million new members in 2015 alone, the year that marks the careers portal’s 15th anniversary. Founded in 2010, has grown from a simple online job p


Majority UAE graduates prefer online job sites

Seventy-seven per cent of fresh graduates living in the UAE used or plan to use leading online job sites when pursuing their first job, a report said. The majority of respondents also state that finding a job is the biggest challe

More… unveils tools to gauge staff skillset

Dubai-based, one of the leading job sites in the Middle East, recently unveiled two new products that help bridge the skills gap in the workforce. “ Tests” allows employers to hire the person with the


Ramadan lifts employee morale says survey

More than 80 per cent of the working population in the Mena region believe that Ramadan is a month that lifts morale at work, a survey has found. About 44.5 per cent say that employer efficiency is not affected, and 55 per cent cl

More… launches new knowledge-sharing channel, a leading job site, has launched a new programme, the first-ever initiative to connect academics from the Middle East’s top universities and professionals and address the gap between education and the workplace. Th

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