Wednesday 16 October 2019

Abu Dhabi DED conducts 38,000 inspection visits in Q1

ABU DHABI, June 23, 2019

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) carried out 38,123 inspection and supervisory visits to commercial facilities in markets and outlets across the three regions of Abu Dhabi in the first quarter (Q1) of the year.

This was done as a part of its annual plan for combating illegal business practices that violate the conditions, laws, and regulations of conducting business in the Emirate as well as protecting consumers’ rights and intellectual property.

Trade Protection Activity Report for the 1st quarter of this year issued by the Department of Trade Protection at the Abu Dhabi Business Center, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, mentioned that a series of inspection and supervisory visits to commercial facilities, which were organized in the 1st quarter, were distributed as follows: 16768 visits in Abu Dhabi city, 15505 visits in Al Ain city, and 5850 visits in Al Dhafra region.

Mohamed Rashed Al Rumaithi, director of the Commercial Protection Directorate, emphasized that the Directorate is continuously keen on improving business and investments’ atmosphere in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through the continuing efforts of monitoring local markets.

This is done while protecting the rights of investors and businessmen against any violations of their intellectual property and combating any practices that may adversely affect the business sector in the Emirate in order to enhance the Doing Business transparency and create a competitive environment.

The DED’s report mentioned that the total number of inspection campaigns, organized by the Commercial Protection Directorate, targeting the registered shops, stores, and commercial facilities in Abu Dhabi in the 1st quarter of this year was 322 campaigns, distributed as follows: 205 campaigns in Abu Dhabi, 70 campaigns in Al Ain city, and 47 campaigns in the Al Dhafra region.

The report indicated that the total number of counterfeit and fake goods confiscated during the inspection visits and campaigns in the 1st quarter of this year was 4183 counterfeit and fake pieces of automotive spare parts, electronics, clothes, accessories, and cosmetics products compared to 13286 pieces of the same counterfeit and fake products confiscated within the 1st quarter of last year.

Al Rumaithi stated that these campaigns are carried out for combating some negative practices in a number of outlets such as commercial fraud and interacting with consumers’ complaints on prices and non-compliance with the doing business regulations issued by DED as well as monitoring markets during occasions and feasts in which consumers tend to buy more to make the most of the various offers and discounts.

He added that the obvious decrease in the number of counterfeit goods confiscated is a clear indication of the positive results achieved by the Directorate in combating counterfeit and fake goods of trademarks for protecting the rights of trademarks’ owners as well as protecting consumers against fraud

Trade Protection Activity Report showed an obvious decrease in the number of violations issued against the commercial facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi during the 1st quarter of this year by 457% compared to the same period last year where 451 violations were issued against commercial facilities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Dhafra. They are as follows: Abu Dhabi recorded 328 violations, Al Ain city recorded 112 violations, and Al Dhafra region recorded 11 violations. Last year, the Abu Dhabi’s DED issued 2516 violations in the same period.

Mohamed Rashed Al Rumaithi, Director of the Commercial Protection Directorate – Abu Dhabi’s DED, said: “The results of the report showed a significant decrease in the number of violations issued and the number of stores, accordingly, closed. We see this as a positive indication that the Abu Dhabi’s DED has succeeded greatly in combating illegal commercial practices that violate the rules organizing the practices for business activities’ licensing.” Al Rumaithi emphasized that the DED is keen on playing an essential role as a leading and distinguished governmental authority that promotes the competitiveness in the business environment through ensuring the highest levels of commercial protection in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

In the same context, the total number of violations issued by the DED against the commercial facilities violating the business practices in the emirate in the 1st quarter of this year was 1449 violations; of which 541 violations were issued in Abu Dhabi, 702 violations in Al Ain, and 206 violations in Al Dhafra region.

As a result of these visits and inspection campaigns, 18 commercial facilities were closed in the 1st quarter of this year due to their continuous violations of laws, regulations, and conditions stated for business practice after getting warnings. The DED has closed 57 facilities in the 1st quarter of the previous year, with a significant decrease of 216%. This reflects the commitment of these facilities not to violate the doing business’s laws.

According to the report, Abu Dhabi’s DED in the 1st quarter of this year, continued to organize awareness workshops for traders and consumers on their rights and duties together with raising the awareness of investors about the damages caused by commercial fraud, protecting their intellectual property, and on how to distinguish between original and counterfeit products. Thirteen workshops were organized in Abu Dhabi with an increase of 100% compared to only 6 workshops organized in the 1st quarter of last year.

“Launching such awareness initiatives and field visits aims to support the business community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for the purpose of creating a stable and motivational environment which will promote the competitiveness of the Emirate locally and globally pushing it to build a knowledge-based and competitive economy in line with the vision of the Abu Dhabi’s government,” Al Rumaithi added. - TradeArabia News Service


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