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UCT launches new anti-rust range

Dubai, June 9, 2009

United Corrosion Technologies (UCT), a provider of corrosion engineering services and solutions, has launched a new range of products that safeguard against the financial and structural threat of corrosion of exposed steel rebar.

The launch of the product range comes at a time when a large number projects in the region are on-hold or progressing at reduced pace, leaving rebar exposed to the elements. Steel reinforcement corrodes rapidly when exposed for prolonged periods to the corrosive environment of the Arabian Gulf region, making protection and preservation vital.

UCT’s new range of products is manufactured by Cortec Corporation and is available in many forms, allowing the prevention of flash rusting and providing protection of exposed rebar for up to five years.

Without such treatment, the resultant accelerated rates of corrosion can compromise the future integrity of the structure, with potentially severe safety and cost implications.

“The launch of our new range of products for the preservation of exposed rebar could not have been more timely,” said Usama Jacir, managing director UCT.

“Many projects in the UAE are now on hold, which means that many billions of dollars worth of projects across the GCC region are currently in a state of partial construction, many with rebar currently exposed,” he added.

“Now, the proven protective abilities of Cortec’s migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) products can be used to safeguard the integrity of this exposed rebar, ensuring that projects which are re-started are not structurally or economically compromised.”

The product range includes waterborne preservative, plastic film, emitters and water-based rust converters. Each product incorporates MCI technology, ensuring the highest levels of protection through unique migration features and offering protection for up to five years.

Usama concluded: “The severe atmospheric conditions of the Gulf region make effective preservation of exposed rebar absolutely necessary if the structural integrity of on-hold or slow-moving construction is to be ensured.

“At UCT we are pleased to be able to support the construction industry in the region with our complete range of products for exposed steel rebar that enhance the value and safety of their projects.” – TradeArabia News Service

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