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Amman firm hosts workshop on e-learning

Amman, July 10, 2012

eLearment, a leading provider of e-learning systems and solutions, recently held a workshop in Amman in which it explored interactive virtual learning techniques and applications.

The workshop aimed to acquaint participants with the most recent tools that can be deployed to create an ideal learning environment that uses multimedia presentation tools and sophisticated means to enhance educational delivery and facilitate learners’ understanding of different pedagogical concepts.

“Over the past few years, most of the academic institutions in the Arab world have been seeking to automate their curricula content and upgrade their education programs in an attempt to imitate the paths of the successful implementation of interactive e-learning infrastructure in the developed countries,” said Ashraf Nairoukh, eLearment’s CEO.

“However, such attempts did not produce satisfactory results given that the previous e-solutions suffer from a lack of flexibility.”

“We devoted our programming capabilities and field expertise to design technologically-advanced solutions to give students a unique interactive learning experience,” Nairoukh added.

“We at eLearment have a wide range of curricula-related e-solutions, such as the Active Flip Book which allows direct interaction between students and tutors inside or outside the classroom on one hand, and among curricula authors on the other.”

Nairoukh also pointed out that Ministry of Education’s officials including curricula authors can modify book contents and additional interactive guides in an electronic and direct manner at any time, a feature which is not available in other similar systems.

Besides to enabling teachers to both correct home assignments and send remarks to students electronically, the system has the advantage of evaluating students’ proficiency in a particular subject and providing them with additional details and information if they perform below the requested grade level, thus helping them know the level of the course in which they should be placed, he explained.

Participants at the workshop discussed the important role that recent technologies can play in presenting curricula content in a lively and interactive manner that promotes students' self-reliance, independence in learning, and ability to identify, investigate and solve problems. – TradeArabia News Service

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