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Lunatus launches gender detection kit

Dubai, July 12, 2010

Lunatus Marketing & Consultancy, a leading healthcare products and services provider, has launched a urine-based test that allows expectant parents to determine the gender of their baby early in the pregnancy.

IntelliGender’s use is similar to that of a home pregnancy test providing results in just eight minutes, a statement said.

Expectant parents curious to know their Baby’s gender and are too excited  to wait till  the 20th week to get a confirmed answer, can now through a simple home-based test get a reliable insight on their baby’s gender as early as the 10th week of pregnancy, it added.

“We are thrilled to present IntelliGender,” said Dr Lina Al Kouatly, managing director of Lunatus.

“It is a novel test, offering expectant parents a fun and affordable pre-birth experience to share the joy of their discovery with their family and friends through a convenient and simple test from the comfort of their homes.”

“At the moment, the most well known method to determine the baby’s gender is to wait until the regular 16th week for an ultrasound scan, a commonly used tool to check the baby’s health and development,” Dr Al Kouatly continued.

“With IntelliGender, parents can now have an indication on baby’s gender as early as the 10th week of pregnancy. The test is very simple and easy to use but we urge expectant mothers to follow the instructions carefully as the accuracy is dependable on proper usage,” she added.

Dr Janeta Atanassova, a leading gynaecologist with over 19 years of experience and the partner of infinity clinic in Jumeirah Dubai, said: “Although ultrasound is a useful technique in determining the baby’s gender, 95 per cent accuracy can only be attained at the 20th week of pregnancy.”

“It is for that reason that combining IntelliGender with the Ultrasound scan can be an option to provide a better accuracy rate in an early baby’s gender detection.”

Dr Janeta added that communicating the baby’s gender to the parents can be somewhat tricky, as 100 per cent reliable predictions are unavailable before the 20th week of pregnancy.

Combining IntelliGender with the Ultrasound scan at the early stages of pregnancy can be beneficial in the baby’s gender detection increasing the results accuracy and consequently reducing parents’ disappointments, she said.

IntelliGender was first developed and marketed in the USA in 2007, and since proved to be a global success. IntelliGender is manufactured in FDA certified and GMP registered manufacturing facilities under strict supervision, the statement said. – TradeArabia News Service

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