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Most Mena professionals ‘eating healthy’

Dubai, March 11, 2012

A majority of professionals in Mena consider their eating habits to be healthy, and only eat out ‘very rarely’ while enjoying occasional exercise, said a recent survey.

Only 31.7 per cent of respondents stated that they consider their eating habits to be unhealthy, added the poll examining the health and eating habits of professionals in the Middle East, and conducted by, the region’s leading jobsite.

Most professionals in the Mena region eat two (41.3 per cent) or three (39.8 per cent) meals a day, and the majority - just over a quarter or those surveyed at 28.2 per cent - consume no coffee on a daily basis.

One to two cups of coffee is the most commonly consumed amount (according to 43.6 per cent; 20.9 per cent consume one cup daily, 22.7 per cent two cups), though 4.5 per cent claim to drink more than five cups every day, the poll said.

“There is a common misconception that the life of a professional is sedentary and unhealthy, however our poll demonstrates that the vast majority of people in the Mena region are aware of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and claim to adhere to one,” said Suhail Masri, vice president of Product,

“ prides itself on providing invaluable data to employers and employees alike, enriching the lives of our community both inside and outside their careers.”

In terms of eating habits, 50.8 per cent of respondents claim that they eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates every day, while the majority (47.8 per cent) state that they ‘occasionally’ eat meat. In terms of other food groups, 46.3 per cent eat a daily moderate amount of vegetables, 47.2 per cent ‘occasionally’ eat fruit, and 37.1 per cent eat a daily moderate amount of dairy products.

When it comes to eating out, 31.8 per cent say that they do so ‘very rarely’, while at the other end of the scale, 24.6 per cent dine out on a daily basis, according to the poll.

Mealtimes are a family affair for a cumulative 84.6 per cent of respondents (36.3 per cent state that every meal is family time; 48.3 per cent claim ‘some meals’ to be).

Roughly half of the offices covered in the poll have canteen or cafeteria facilities, with only 45 per cent without.

A small 17.6 per cent of respondents claim to do no exercise, with the rest claiming to exercise frequently (37.6 per cent) or occasionally (44.8 per cent). The most popular location to work out is at home (including within the respondent’s building or compound) according to 30.5 per cent; this is followed by outdoors (28.8 per cent) and at a commercial gym (20.6 per cent).

Walking is by far the most common exercise activity, undertaken by 49 per cent. Running and swimming come a close second and third (8.6 per cent and 8.5 per cent, respectively), followed by a combination of sports, the poll said. – TradeArabia News Service

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