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Acer products undergo ultimate tests

Dubai, November 3, 2007

At Acer, each product is subjected to numerous tests and validation using sophisticated modelling technology.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that Acer notebooks offer solid performance with long-lasting comfort and assured durability for at least 25,000 hours or five years, according to an Acer official.

Acer mobile PCs are tested at various temperature and humidity conditions for operability, shipping, and storage tolerances to ensure optimum function when subjected to normal day-to-day physical wear and tear.

A thermal cycle chamber is used to test a sampling of systems to make sure they can stand the extremes of heat (65° C), cold (-10° C) and humidity (20% to 80%) that they may encounter in the real world.

Acer tests hinge durability with up to 20,000 open and close cycles of the notebook lid, 15,000 back and forth convertible hinge uses and 25,000 built-in camera hinge rotations, equivalent to over 5 years of use, assuming 10 times a day access.

Up to 50 kg per 10 cm weight pressure applied on the cover and other fragile areas ensures casework rigidity and durability to handle heavy stress caused by accidental sitting or leaning during travel and transportation.

The shock and vibration test shakes the system for hours. With up to 250Hz of vibration and up to 210G of shock the test simulates a cross-country trip with jolts and bumps: the shock and vibration test validates that the notebook performs without HDD sector failure,
abnormal fan or optical noise, optical drive playback failure, LCD uniformity problems, and electrical damage

Acer protects the notebook's data against physical damage by testing a sudden fall from a height of 74 cm when system is on, as well as 28 cm drops at different angles, to simulate walking or standing with the notebook.

The Drop test validates lack of removal, crack, or breakage in main parts, HDD sector failure, abnormal fan or optical noise, optical drive playback failure and internal sub-system disconnection (i.e. wireless card, modem card etc.)

Compliant with the ISO 7779 standard, which defines an environment that is quieter than a library or hospital at 35 dBA, Acer notebooks are tested for under 30dBA output, allowing you to focus on your job in relative quiet.

Acer's acoustics lab chamber blocks out external noise and absorbs noise created inside, to prevent any echoes. All Acer notebook designs are tested in the acoustics chamber in an effort to produce the quietest products.

The goal is to minimise or eliminate sounds that may seem barely audible but that can be distracting or disruptive to users. - TradeArabia News Service

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