Sunday 25 October 2020

AlUla book of photos, illustrations to be launched

RIYADH, September 7, 2020

The destination of AlUla, in collaboration with publisher Assouline, has announced the September 2020 release of a luxury immersive book of photography and illustrations titled, AlUla. 
With stunning images taken by internationally renowned photographer Robert Polidori, and interpretive illustrations by multidisciplinary artist Ignasi Monreal, AlUla virtually transports readers to the destination, giving them a glimpse into the city’s rich history and a unique look into AlUla’s local culture. 
Available in Assouline’s exclusive Ultimate and XXL formats, this oversize luxury volume is a celebration of human milestones and natural wonders, sharing the majesty of AlUla. The Ultimate format is available in blue and beige covers, and the XXL format is available in blue and black boxes, a statement said.
Nestled deep within the vast desert of northwest Arabia, AlUla is known as a cultural oasis and living museum with more than 200,000 years of human history: from Paleolithic hunter-gatherers; civilizations such as the Nabataeans, Dadanites, and Romans; Muslim pilgrims on their way to Makkah and Madinah, and trade caravans travelling the Incense Route; to present-day communities who mingle and exchange cultural ideas with global travellers, it said. 
AlUla is home to relics both old and new including Saudi Arabia’s first Unesco World Heritage Site, Hegra, with remains dating back to the Nabataean kingdom, as well as modern landmarks including Maraya, an award-winning, multi-purpose concert and entertainment venue that is also the Guinness Book of Records largest mirrored venue in the world.
Each page of this luxurious and limited edition exclusive book delves into the destination’s ancient mystique, where innovative and artistic people lived and journeyed in its exceptional landscapes and contoured mountains, leaving traces of their language, culture and way of life. Images and illustrations captured in the book include monumental tombs carved into the outcrops of Hegra, nature-carved rock sculptures including Jabal AlFil (also known as Elephant Rock) and petroglyphs (or rock art) showcasing examples of animals that inhabited AlUla thousands of years ago. 
The Ultimate format is part of Assouline’s Ultimate Collection: it's an homage to the art of luxury bookmaking. Hand-bound using traditional techniques, with colour plates hand-tipped on art-quality paper, each page of this limited-edition series bears the unique imprint of the artisan. Nestled in linen clamshell presentation cases, these books attract collectors, lovers of the printed page, and those who devour the culture of our time. Signaling a new level of sophistication for true connoisseurs, these unique books are works of art in their own right. - TradeArabia News Service


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