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Journalists short-listed for Arab Awards

Dubai, April 16, 2008

The General Secretariat of the Arab Journalism Awards (AJA) has released the names of three short-listed nominees in each of the categories for the seventh edition of the much-acclaimed regional awards honouring excellence in media.

In announcing the nominations ahead of the event, Dubai Press Club, the organisers of the Arab Media Awards, has made a departure from its previous editions since 1999, as a reflection of its endorsement of transparency in the selection of winners.

The short-listed nominees were selected by an elite jury panel comprising 42 distinguished media persons from across the Arab world, with three to five judges allocated to each category.

The category for investigative reporting received the largest number of entries, followed closely by press interviews and political journalism. The panel did not nominate any entry in the sports journalism category.

The names of the final winners will be announced at a gala ceremony on April 24, 2008.

“The jury committee were highly appreciative of the entries from 18 Arab countries, which reflect the creativity and ultimate professional standards of the awards,” said executive director, Arab Journalism Award, Maryam bin Fahad.

Following are the short-listed names in the various categories of the awards:
Political journalism: 1 Abdul Azeez Bin Hamdan Al Hindi, Majalla magazine, Saudi Arabia; 2 Bashir Al Bakar, Al Khaleej Newspaper, UAE; 3 Tariq Muhammed Zakariyya, Al Youm Newspaper,  Egypt .
Investigative journalism: 1 Ahmed Sadiq Mohammed Al Mansouri and Akram Alfi from Al Ithihad, UAE; 2 Abdul Muhsin Bin Nafi’ Al Badrani, Al Madeena Newspaper, Saudi Arabia; Mariyya Makrim, Al Ayyam Weekly, Morocco.
Press interviews: 1 Ibrahim Ali Mari’ from Al Khaleej for his interview with Al Akhdar Al   Ibrahimi, UAE; 2 Basil Ali Abu Hamda, Al Bayan, for his interview with Paulo Coelho, UAE; 3 Yahya Zakariyya Ghanim Ali, Al Ahram, for his interview with Israeli Education Minister, Egypt.
Cultural journalism: 1 Husain Al Mahroos, Al Waqt Newspaper,Bahrain; 2 Al Jazeera Newspaper, Saudi Arabia; 3 Ehab Al Hadari , News Today Foundation, Egypt.
Business journalism: 1 Abdul Fatah Al Sadiqi, Al Alam Newspaper, Morocco; 2 Jamal Fadil Shahhat Ali, Al Ahram, Egypt; 3 Mustafa Abdul Azeem Muhammed Husain, Al Itthhad, UAE.
Environmental journalism: 1 Hanan Badavi, Al Usbu’ Newspaper, Egypt; 2 Muna Busamra, Al Ithihad, UAE ; 3 Al Waqt Newspaper Bahrain.
IT journalism: 1 Ahmed Khalil Khairi, Lughat Al Asr Magazine, Egypt; 2 Ahmed Amir Abdullah, Lughat Al Asr, Egypt; 3 Munira Bint Abdullah Al Madi, Al Jazeerah Newspaper, Saudi Arabia.
Cartoons: 1 Abdullah Jabir Al Umri, Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia; 2 Jehad Kamal Husain Darwish, Al Watan, Saudi Arabia; 3 Amjad Rasmi Abdul Rahman Isa, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Jordan.
Photo journalism: 1 Naif Abboud Al Akla, Awan, Palestine; 2 Karim Sahib Muhsin. French News Agency, Iraq; 3 Ala’ Al Din Taufiq Badarna, European Agency for Photography, Palestine.
Journalism for kids: 1 Khalid Assaf, Ahmad Lebanon; 2 Nabiha Muhaidali, Ahmad Magazine, Lebanon; 3 Rasha Al Hakim, Basim Magazine, Syria. – TradeArabia News Service

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